Nepali Food and Bhutanese Food – DELICIOUS FEAST and Traveling to Haa Valley, Bhutan (Day 7)

Nepali Food and Bhutanese Food - DELICIOUS FEAST and Traveling to Haa Valley, Bhutan (Day 7)
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On Day 7 of our trip to Bhutan, we first started off by eating an amazing Bhutanese food breakfast. For lunch we enjoyed one of the best Nepali meals I’ve had. And finally in the late afternoon, we drove to Haa, Bhutan, and checked into a homestay.

Yangkhil Restaurant and Bar – For breakfast, Yinga and I went to Yangkhil Restaurant and Bar to eat a local Bhutanese food breakfast. When we arrived, they hadn’t yet finished cooking all the dishes, but they did have a few dishes ready. The dish of the meat was the shukam shakam datshi, dry white chilies with dry beef in cheese. Additionally, the chili sauce here was on point!

Nepali food at Cypress Hotel – For one of the best Nepali food restaurants in Thimphu, Bhutan, you hafe to go to Cypress Hotel. It’s a small friendly family run Nepali restaurant and they serve outstanding food. We had a Nepali feast, we couldn’t stop eating because it was so good.

In the afternoon we then continued on to Haa Valley, Bhutan, where we’d spend the next couple days. It’s a beautiful place in Bhutan to visit. We checked into Haa Valley Farm Stay (Ugyen & Doley) and then had a delicious Bhutanese home-cooked meal including turnip leaves, dry pork and beef, and cheese.


It was an honor to be invited by MyBhutan to visit Bhutan to explore Bhutanese food and culture. Thank you to MyBhutan Productions for making my trip and this video possible!

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  2. Mark sirji…ur eating stayle is good but …all currys ur mixsing how can u get each curry specallity…its not good maan…i dont like that…

  3. How are you so slim eating all that food you lucky bugger! ? Great vids man really enjoy your journeys, the culture and of course the many foods you consume!

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