Goat Leg Soup Recipe | Paaya Recipe |Nahari Paya By Country Boys

Goat Leg Soup Recipe | Paaya Recipe |Nahari Paya By Country Boys
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River side Country Boys Enjoying With Goat Legs


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  1. Love to see granny again… huge fan of her …I think granny has now switched from cooking to filming 😛 …..

  2. We’re no longer seeing Grandma, they could of atleace let us know what’s going on cause she was very appreciated and it’s because of her that her show has success and until this day it’s still written Grandma. If the love they were carrying for grandma was real they whould not try to change the style of grandma’s videos that she was doing while she was alive, she gave us all of her strengh in her videos and we have seen that she was very tired in her last videos. You all dont have any remorse, to me is like y’all used her to fill y’all pockets and not even a RIP in the description and even a message saying yall are going to keep up the good work. Y’all are there with the followers and the views like grandma never existed. May the lord forgive you all for using this woman with a golden heart. I hope that she had a wonderfull funeral that she deserve. You all will never get another comment neither view not even a dislike to not enrichen because yall do not deserve it and i hope that all the followers will do the same cause you’ll are too ungratefull.

  3. shame they dont show such joy and respect to granny and her grand daughters cooking, they only eat joyfully and all happy when its meat, the women worked hard to cook for this channel and for them and the kids and they forced them to stop,

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