Chicken || chicken BBQ recipe in Village Style My Grandma

Chicken || chicken BBQ recipe in Village Style My Grandma
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Thandoori Chicken || chicken kebabs recipe in Village Style My Grandma


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  1. Just saw news in BBC, she is no more, she passed away at the age of 107 on 5 Dec 2018. Her contribution in popularizing traditional indian cooking method and the incredible mouth watering food recipes throughout the world will always be remembered. She was master chef of traditional indian cooking like all our moms and grand mothers. May her departed soul rest in piece. We will miss you mastan ammaa.

  2. That chicken is unfortunately so overdone it is blackened. That is carcinogenic…..But Amma is still the best cook and sweetest granny there is. SHe is so unselfish and gives the best pieces of the chicken to her family. There was hardly any meat on the piece she took-it was the neck piece.

  3. Looks very yummy ????????????
    Whats the full recipe as the wet ingredients are not mentioned . Please give us the full recipe . Thank you ❤️❤️❤️

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