Village Food in Central Africa – RWANDAN FOOD and AMAZING DANCING in Rural Rwanda, Africa!

Village Food in Central Africa - RWANDAN FOOD and AMAZING DANCING in Rural Rwanda, Africa!
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This was an amazing day of learning about Rwandan food and culture!
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I signed up to go on a tour with Azizi Life, and I did the home food tour. It turned out to be even better than I was expecting, and truly a glimpse into rural life and a community in Rwanda. The food, the culture, and the dancing after lunch was one of the highlights of the day!

Muhanga Town – In the morning we first drove from Kigali to Muhanga Town, about an hour outside of Kigali. The green mountain roads were spectacular. Rwanda is known as the land of 1000 hills, and I think that might be an underestimation as there are never ending hills in this part of Central Africa.

After being warmly greeted and welcomed by the community of ladies, we first went to go fetch water. This is something many of us, myself for sure, take for granted. But in the rural countryside of Africa, even in cities, there are many people who have no running water, and when they need water for anything, they must walk to the well or source of freshwater, and carry all the water they need. It’s something to always remember.

Next we got started cooking all the food. Most of the ingredients for the Rwandan feast they cooked were from right there, on the hillside, from the small family farms. We had dozens of different vegetables, and of course – beans which were one of the most important foods of this regions of Africa. It wouldn’t be Rwandan food without beans as I’ve heard! Final dish was akabenz, a famous Rwandan pork dish.

You could taste the freshness of all the ingredients. The food was honestly a little plain for my usual taste buds, but I fully appreciated the natural ingredients, the simplicity of the dishes, and the love poured into each dish.

After eating a giant Rwandan feast, all of a sudden they started breaking out into dance. It was one of the highlights of this entire experience.

Thank you to the entire community for hosting us and to Azizi Life for setting it up!


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  1. Not referring to this video but I would be scared to travel to so many places and trying their traditional native food because if it’s nasty to me I wouldn’t want to offend ?

  2. similar life as to where i come from,Bukoba. in Tanzania.this vid has taken me back to my childhood…walking miles to fetch water early in the morning before goin to school..barefeet…wonderful life…thanx for the vid.Love Rwandese,beutful people.

  3. It's amazing even in Africa they are up under a religion of Catholic who taught these people this they never knew anything up a Catholic religion my God the all these years these people do not know what God they serve and there tradition and customs on serving their God. The whole world has been forced serve Christianity, Catholic, or Muslim religion. My goal is to Break Down The Walls of religion because God is not a religion it's a way of life it's not something that you believe it's something that you worship we must do and sir how our ancestors serves they are God. And I really don't think the white man or the Arabs are our ancestors

  4. Mark but I would love to see you do since you see Hard Times these people has to get water this to raise money for water pump so it can pump water up the mountain and let them know that you appreciate exploiting their culture and their lifestyle so you can't benefit. That's the least you can do. The people that you have advertising doing your show how about asking them to sponsor a pump so life can be a little easier on them thank you

  5. I love how they singing and dancing after what you have eat.. I'm just loving African tradition, they also same as like my country Philippines, very kind humble and hospitable..Godbless Africa! ?❤❤❤ Mahal ko kayo! ❤❤❤ Thank you also Mark for sharing this one of a kind moments in Africa, and also im just feel that i been that place. ???

  6. hi love ure videos. i subscribed but i would like to see one in nigeria specifically portharcour south south of nigeria thank u my Friend

  7. Why do i feel like the method of cooking,utensils and such resembles little bit indian! And i appreciate how he respects their culture and eats using his hands unlike others!!!

  8. I am really happy that… At some part the world people are still living their lives to the fullest.. With lots of love and respect… Which is replaced by cell phones and laptops in developed countries…

  9. Mark Wiens I love you. I'm glad I subscribed to your channel. Im happy to see your wife and child with you every where you travel it seems and they look happy as well. What a priceless education and I've seen you respect people and their culture even when you don't like the food. (( I know you don't enjoy food too sweet)). Love the hospitality that Rwandan showed.Thanks for sharing the vids and your life with us. ❤

  10. WOw very beautiful landscape ..lively people – rich vegetarian food that keeps them happy and hospitable – it reminds me lively Punjab
    Luv fm Pakistan !

  11. Its so interesting to see how culturally similar these foods are to my culture (Dominican Republic), which reaffirms my understanding of my ancestors. How wonderful it must be to experience these things in person, thanks for sharing Mark ♥️‼️

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