People Are Awesome – Fighter Pilots

People Are Awesome - Fighter Pilots
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People Are Awesome – Fighter Pilots

PEOPLE ARE AWESOME – features amazing, original videos and compilations of ordinary pilots doing extraordinary things. You will see all sorts of extreme stunts and amazing maneuverers

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  1. This is a very well done video. It was really cool when each explosion was in sync with the music.
    Keep up the great work to all of our troops, wherever you are serving, whether it's on the ground or in the air. Taking out the enemy is what the world needs, to keep everyone free from terrorism.
    Thank you. I have so much gratitude, and I appreciate every single one of you for serving this beautiful country of ours. You place your life on the line for the safety you give all citizens in The United States Of America. Your expertise in every part of our military is so valued. Be safe.
    Your families are looking forward to seeing you.
    Semper Fi

  2. USA and Russian air force is nothing in front of Pakistan air force American f22 is scared of of jf17… They came to attack us during OBL raid but they ran away seeing jf17 coward Country

  3. when I grow up I want to fly in the Swedish  airforce……. improbably gonna die in ww3, if Sweden isn't neutral again

  4. Yesterday two fine squadron leaders of Indian Air Force died in a crash?
    R.I.P. their soul
    Be safe Air Warriors from all over the world?

  5. Would appreciate if someone checked out my first video ever 🙂
    Trying to motivate all the poeple to push harded for their dreams!

  6. Guys I'm really motivated in to joining in 'my' air force ( Italian) although, I just found out that the pay starts from 1300€ and as a max of 2000€ per month, I don't really know what to do because with such a pay I won't be able to give my to future kids a nice life, what should I do? Idk how I feel about joining in the US's one cause I think people would be racist towards me because I'm Italian, what do you guys think?

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