Making a Bonobo laugh – Animals in Love: Episode 1 – BBC One

Making a Bonobo laugh - Animals in Love: Episode 1 - BBC One
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Programme website: Bonobos,one of our closest relatives, seem to have discovered the secret of happy, long lasting relationships…and laughter definitely helps!


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  1. Man :L Doctor I am depressed ..
    Doctor : How depressed?
    Man : VERY depressed
    Doctor : Ok 5 Bonobo videos a day for a week…
    Doctor : How do you feel?
    Man : GREAT I am moving to the Congo.
    Doctor: GROOVY ! say hi to Mobutu!

  2. There are so many myths about Bonobos. They’re not that different from Chimps. They fight about as much, and they have the same amount of sex. They just have non-standard and somewhat peculiar behaviors. They’re not the hippies of the animal kingdom, they’re just apes. Let’s not forget that Chimps are our closest ancestor as well.

  3. What a pick up, such a cute monkey! Perfect thing to watch right after watching the New Zealand massacre footage. Prefect pick me up. What a cute little monkey!

  4. Seeing a chimp recognize the human who saved them from brutal animal experimentation after 18 years is just amazing! They can do so much and when ppl Christians dont believe we r related its depressing.

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