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Does it get cuter than this? Jersey teams up with his entire family to play with adorable puppies. Jersey screams many “BAAH!”s’ and is very stimulated by all the dogs. Jersey plays with cute puppies, and you get to see his sisters, Ava and Alexis (the McClure Twins), as well as Mama McClure!
Did you guys hear Jersey try to say “puppy”?:) so adorable!
Also, Jersey sports a new jacket, let us know what you think! we think he looks super cute and stylish:) THanks for watching Playtime with Jersey and make sure to SUBSCRIBE!

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  1. we hope you watch it all the way through – so much fun in this video! Jersey had a blast:) Most of you are familiar with Jersey's sisters: Ava and Alexis, but comment down below if this is your first time seeing them!
    Appreciate you all! see you in the COMMENTS below:)
    ** What PLAYTIME videos would YOU like to see??**

  2. I'm sorry the video is so sweet and Joursey is so awesome, but I just can't look at the dogs. There look so unhappy in the cages

  3. Jocelyn Carter: My man Jersey! I love you! He was scared, how cute! Alexi and Ava are growing up! They're beautiful girls! Why not give Jersey a pup! Baah! Every little boy needs a pup to grow up with. Especially a boy with two sisters! He's not going to want to play with them all the time and they are a little older. Jersey needs a pup of his own. It will be his pup alone! Baah!

  4. I was laughing my butt off the whole time while watching this Because Jersey was cracking up blah talking to himself and the dog to in there I went wild when he throw his head back laughing and talking omgosh ????????he was in a class by himself I love it Jersey ??????

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