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  1. Why is it that there is always some disgusting, loud mouth, ghetto, dumb ass supposed to be adults on the side lines cheering this destructive behaviour on instead of standing like a human being before our young children? The black community has become one huge garbage dump because of slime like this! You are the hate that destroys us, you are the nothingness that lead's us too a dead end, you are the violence that teaches are children to kill with no reason, our greatest enemies are the parents who just don't give a fuck! You don't have to waste your hatred on the black people pathetic world Just give us a little time and we will murder ourselves for sure!….

  2. most black people are conditioned and brainwashed this is a mental illness black people have so much self-hate why would they allow these two queens the fight keep encouraging them to are Race is pretty much doomed you can't tell her ignorant person anything though not a brain dead person who's in a coma that's why I stick to only talking to conscious people who has knowledge of self

  3. The girl in white doesn't know how to fight apparently! Otherwise she would realize one of the main reasons the other females had the advantage is because they grabbed ahold of her hair! If she wouldn't of been allowing them to grab her head she may have had a better chance of winning!

  4. I understand people fight but why keep going after getting beat up 2 times in a row?? It's over … shake hands be friends or never speak again ??‍♀️

  5. 1st of all I'm the one in the black shirt & I ain't no fucking kid I was 18 at the time I'm 21 now & that bitch was like 3 years older than me plus she got wtf she was asking for sorry not fucking sorry you bitches always making something out of a race thing kiss my 12yr old looking ass how bow dat ???

  6. Smh….since when is it cool and funny to see kids fight???? Prayers for all of those in that video and those who are raising their children to be that way.

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