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  1. I love how they can strech a 1min video with commentators that state obvious things like: "it was a dangerous situation" and "the cub got away on all 4". Like we need the comments to get what is going on, otherwise we would've been totally lost on the plot.

  2. Now put 4 of these traps to the 2 hands and 2 legs of all ,,hunters'' who ever in their lives deployed this cruel type of trap and leave them locked in a room. Let them live trough what the poor animals does.
    If they don't die, I haver better plans for that. The horror movies would be inspired by that what I'd do with them after.
    M F*ckers.

    And a big congratulation and thanks to these biologists!

  3. God am I the only mother who actually physically hurt hearing that cry? ? They sound like a human baby screaming in pain and it just breaks my heart to see! At least for once Russia didn’t just murder it or just dump it in a concrete box in a mall like they do with whales!

  4. I'm a hunter and honestly think any type of snare traps should be banned. They kill just about everything that gets caught in them.

  5. I was so shocked to hear that cry I immediately shut the video down. There should have been a warning. I am glad that those men were there to help right away. I hope the cub did not get an infection or the cold into the foot. I will never watch this program again.

  6. Gotta love the brave Russian scientists. Knowing what to do was only part of the problem. Doing it – and saving the cub – and getting out alive and unhurt – yes. I definitely love them. That babies cries HURT me. I'm betting it hurt them (hearing it in person and seeing what they saw) even more. So thank you to those scientists – wherever they are now. From Florida, with Love.

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