Hood fights (Girl fight) New) Girl stands In Girls Door for A Hood Fight 2018

Hood fights (Girl fight) New) Girl stands In Girls Door for A Hood Fight 2018
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Hood fights, girls fighting, worldstar fights, street fights, fighting, worldstar,girls fights, fighting,Please stop the violence!!!! This is me bringing awareness to the problems going on in our neighborhoods!!! VIEWERS discretion is advised!!! Like comment and subscribe!!! WORLDSTAR!! Cat fight!! Girl fights! Hood fight 2018

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  1. I would've pulled her ass in locked the door and went to town on that ass. Bitch u coming to my house knocking on my door come on inside and get this good ole louisiana ass whopping ??

  2. All that to make her come outside just to jump because homegirl couldn't squabble AND SHE DA ONE WHO WANTED TO BOX!! WEAK ASS BITCHES..

  3. Punk ass tricks! They keep fucking with her to get her outside and then when she starts to work your cousin you jump in. If you bad then you bad your cousin should have let you get "ur round" but na yall had to jump

  4. That girl should have shut the door or not open it.i would have called the law.i would have called the law.they are bullies.why they need to bully her to fight

  5. So they mad because the girl already fought her and hit her while she was off guard? That’s so lame ya already fought. Off guard of not u can still win a fight and if she didn’t it’s cuz she can’t fight

  6. But who was the person at the end that grabbed the girl why didn't she help when she was getting jumped smh. Clearly she did not want to fight but they convinced her it would be 1 on 1

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