Three Amazing Animal Videos | unbelievable rescues | WATCH THIS!

Three Amazing Animal Videos | unbelievable rescues | WATCH THIS!
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I came across some amazing animal videos. As part of our culture and society, I decided to share these three amazing animal videos on this channel. It is amazing to see cross-species helping one another.
Elephant helping zebra
hippopotamus helping duckling
Whales helping human

The links where I obtain them are down below. Many of these videos have been shared throughout the internet, I’m not sure where any of them originated from. I therefore provide the links to where I got them.
I hope you find the same joy that I saw in these videos.

1. Whale Saves Scientist’s Life
From: The Dodo
Facebook Pg:
Video Link:
This was posted on The Dodo Facebook comment
“The Dodo Special thanks to Conservation International. To help Nan with her whale conservation research, you can support Whale Research Cook Islands: ”

2. Hippos Reunite Duckling With His Mom
Viral TRND
Facebook Page:
Video Link:

3. The elephant rescues Baby Zebra and helps her find the family
By: Amazing Animal Life
Facebook Page:
Video Link:

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