Fails of the Week 3 July 2016 || FailArmy

Fails of the Week 3 July 2016 || FailArmy
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Having a rough week??? Well, if you are, here are some hilarious fails that will turn your week upside down….literally. Let us know what you think in the comment section below and don’t forget to watch our “You’re doing it Wrong” Compilation next week. Cheers!!!

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Original Links:
Teen Backflips into Goal Post
Man Tries to Slide Across Tiles in Office Hallway
Girl Doesn’t Know How to Shotgun Drink
Skateboarder Loses Balance and Flies off Board
Biker Over-Rotates Stoppie and Crashes
Family Scatters When Fire Chases Them
Guy Falls into Truck Bed
Puppy Tries to Bring Long Stick Through Doorway
Pedestrian Runs into Traffic and Gets Hit by Car
Man Almost Crushed by ATV
Hub Cap Falls off Car during Parade
Kid Hits Camera with Baseball
Dog Wants to Join Owner’s Yoga Party
Downhill Longboarder Almost Crashes into Car
Student Tries to Hop on Desk and Falls
Little Girl Faceplants Floor during Performance
Teen Knocks Down Drainage Pipe
Big Truck Takes Out Stoplight Pole
Longboarder Crashes into Haystack
Guy Tries to Swing into Pool
Wrong Way Car Stuck Going Backwards in Traffic
Little Girl Trains Mini Horse to Jump
Truck Driver Can’t Catch Boxes
Kid Crashes Bike into Bleachers
Baby Faceplants during Mom’s Dance
Baby Aggressively Blows Raspberries
Guy Gets Thrown from Jetski
Guy Tries to Catch Frisbee after Leaping off Cliff
Mountain Biker Lets Go of Handlebar after Jump
Biker Slides Off Big Air Bag
Thick Branch Falls on Top of Girl
Christmas Decoration Falls on Reporter
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  1. 1:28, yeah run full speed into the street and expect people to stop. I don't feel sorry for him, just the person who has to now deal with their insurance company

  2. It's a good thing this isn't VHS…I would have worn out the tape at 1:28 where Lequon got smoked by the white car. And what the fuck is that clip doing in a FAIL video 😉

  3. half of those morons with skateboards almost caused an accident. probably would be a good idea to do your sport on a close road.

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