Best Fails of the Week 4 April 2015 || FailArmy

Best Fails of the Week 4 April 2015 || FailArmy
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Do you like funny fail compilations? Good news, we got in a ton of awesome submissions this week, we’ve put them together and served ’em up HOT for you. Also, we have been producing a new show every week on FU, it’s based on your comments so you should check it out. Let us know your thoughts below and as always, Salute!
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Original Links:
Tramp Fail
Sleepy Prank
Bike Fail
Double Tap
Lightning Strike
Kid Fail
Skateboarding Fail
Bike Fail
head fail
Bball fail
Bike mess
Scare Prank
Baby Fail
Horse Fail
Passed Out
Washing Machine
Skate Fail
Fish Fail
Hit and Run
Skate Fail
Prairie Dogging
BMX Fail
Licking Windows
Front Flip Fail
Beach Fail
Wife Prank
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  1. 3:42 hey i'm some lady driver in a Mercedes Benz who cant see bikes so i'm just gonna back into one and pretend nothing ever happened

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