Amazing transformation of rescued street dog dying from mange

Amazing transformation of rescued street dog dying from mange
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We rescued a street dog who was suffering from severe mange. After 6 weeks of treatment, his transformation was incredible and he was almost unrecognizable.

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About the Author: Animal Aid Unlimited, India


  1. Lo que le pido a Dios! Que siempre exitan personas así, porque estos animalitos no merecen sufrir de ninguna manera, solo quieren un poco de amor de parte de nosotros. Sin embargo, ellos dan todo por nuestros!.

  2. Thank you guys for saving the precious puppy You guys rocks. Animal Aid Unlimited is one of the best place to help all good animals no matter what. My hat off solute and my respects to all of the animal aid unlimited staff. Thank you much much much.

  3. Same problem to a dog near my area how did u cure them. I mean what solution u used for the cure pls share thanks atleast dog get some aid.

    I have no vet dic nor any vet medicine near me nor good people like u pls share if possible

  4. I love you…. Animal aid….you people are really true messengers of God….I would definitely come and volunteer some day….. that's my dream….. God bless you all….

  5. wow !! you guys are great God bless you All AMEEN … people please let's all donate to them and help them help the helpless little angels

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