Fails of the Week: There's a bear on the loose!! (June 2017)

Fails of the Week: There's a bear on the loose!! (June 2017)
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This week for the fails of the week, we’ve got bears on the loose, crazy trick turned sideways and some hilarious dog fails. Make sure you leave a comment below letting us know your favorite clip, and submit your fail at Later, dudes!


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Dog Gets Owner’s Face
Guy Tries to Do Backflip in Pool
Skateboarders Go into Each Other
Small Dog Pees on Bigger Dog
Dad Scares Son Playing Video Game
Horse and Rider Faceplant Grass During Event
Black Bear Goes At Man
Cat Regretfully Takes a Dip
Car Drives With Hood Obstructing View
Car Rolls off Tow Truck in Middle of Road
Puppy Tries to Jump From Couch to Foot Rest
Wakeboarder Breaks Fence
Guy Attempts to Do Side Flip Across Gap and Falls
Ball Bounces into Camera
Ryan Williams Does Forward Bike Flip
Godfrey Brothers on Tandem Bike
Andy Buckworth Double Front Flip
Clinton Moore Attempts 360 Spin Trick
Ryan Williams on Ramp After Trick Attempt
Kurtis Downs Overshoots Cushion Pit
Girl Falls While Getting Down From Fountain
Man Falls Overboard Trying to Retrieve Fish
Gymnast Falls During Planche Attempt
Mirror Falls on Top of Man
Ethen Roberts Does Two Backflips
Colten Moore Attempts to Flip Off Ramp With Snowmobile
Mike Porra Wipes Out During Jump Attempt
Guy Can’t Land Double Front Flip
BMX Rider Triple Tailwhip to 360 Trick
Three Guys on One Motorbike Attempt Backflip
Guy on Snowboard on Ramp
Chad Kagy on Massive Ramp Transfer.
Side by Side Rolls on Bike and Land on Their Sides
Blake “Bilko” Williams Fails to Land Backflip 360 Indian Stunt
Gavin Godfrey on Trike Falls Mid Air During Backflip
Rob Adelberg on the Other Side of Ramp
Dusty Wygle on Trike Attempts Lazy Boy Flip and Loses Shoe
Motocross Rider on Landing
Guy Attempts Backflip with Small Tricycle
Mt Bike front flip
Snow Bike During Backflip Attempt
Girl Attempts Front Flip on Pole
Tangled Cat and Owner
Girl Slips on Soapy Floor
Skateboarder Attempts to Skate Across Grass
Band Student Prom Proposal Fail
Guy Falls After Promposal
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  1. Why keep putting animals getting hurt ? I bet 99% of people would agree if the person who uploaded this was getting hurt it would be actually be funny

  2. Reading these comments after this long, I'd say FA DID listen to critique. The stacks of BMX fails did stop after this vid.

  3. People
    would you like to make money. I know I do.
    here's all you have to do is send me your fails and if I use your video I'll pay you $20.00 for you video.

  4. Um… aren't you supposed to overtake from the side where there's broken white line? ( genuinely asking as I really don't know ) If so, whoever "cut" the police cars had all the right to do so.

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