Dog No One Wanted Gets The Absolute Perfect Mom | The Dodo

Dog No One Wanted Gets The Absolute Perfect Mom | The Dodo
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Dog No One Wanted Gets The Absolute Perfect Mom | This woman’s love for her dog is so pure. You can keep up with Beaux and all of his adventures on Instagram, beauxtoxrescues: You can help Jamie and Beaux raise money for other rescue animals in need by donating to:

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  1. OMG what a gorgeous boy. Dogs are truly beautiful creatures and you have one of the most beautiful I've seen in a long time and my little man is pretty special so I don't say that often.

  2. Beau is absolutely beautiful I just love him such a heartwarming stunning story this has brought tears to my eyes

  3. how dare you call my baby ugly ! he is perfect.
    When we got our rescue dog they told us he had a brain tumor the week we got him…. they gave him 3 months to life (if he was at the shelter they would have put him down).
    He had just arrived at the shelter after coming from a different shelter in Scotland, so thankfully they hadn't done his vet check yet.
    He lived another 6 yrs, he died age 12, and even though he'd been completely blind for 2 years and his brain was almost gone, he was still extremely loving and happy. He ate a massive bone the day we took him to the vet, it was his last meal (he hadn't had one for 2 or 3 years because his digestive system couldn't handle it….but means as he was being put down we thought we would treat him, the last photos i have of him, he has a massive smile on his face. Just a shame his stomach cancer was too far gone.

  4. Botox is beautiful and her mistress is too. Bo is a happy little creature and the lady has a heart of gold. Their encounter was orchestrated by the angels.

  5. I would've took him in a heartbeat, he is so cute. Also, those kids better behave or I'm slapping them to mars. Doggo is beautiful.

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