RARE Indian Desert Food! Cooking Underground Rajasthani Style! (Khad Lamb)

RARE Indian Desert Food! Cooking Underground Rajasthani Style! (Khad Lamb)
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Food info:
1) Khad Lam (Slow Cooked Underground Lamb):

Khad lamb (means cooking lamb in a pit in the ground)
Earlier soldiers didn’t want to leave any trace of smoke so that they can hide hence discovered this way of cooking.
Earlier it was rabbit meat but now since it banned so we are cooking lamb.

Making of garam masala- Roast all the following ingredients and pound it together: green cardamom, black pepper, cloves, coriander seeds, black cardamom, turmeric, bay leaves and caramelized onion powder.

Basic marination- Make cuts on the leg of the lamb and put minced garlic with lots of freshly prepared garam masala.

Next for the paste-mix red chili powder, coriander powder, turmeric, salt and lots of ghee.

Add this paste to the basic marination with a base of rotis and banana leaves. Cover it with a wet jute sack so that it doesn’t burn as it needs to be in direct contact with the fire for 2 hours in the pit.

2) Junglee Mass (Wild meat)
Five Ingredients Recipe-
If hunting, you get stranded, these are easily available in any village
Red chilli powder, Ghee, Salt, Dal or lentil, Coriander seeds, Lamb pieces. In a wok, combine everything together till the meat is soft and tender.

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  1. New Zealand Maori have been cooking in the ground for years, we call it a HANGI the India guy knows it takes 2 half to 3 hours to cook, that's how long our hangi cooks for

  2. First time I felt like eating a North Indian Non-Veg dish… Dammmnnn it looks awesome, otherwise Non-Veg in South India is absolute delight….
    Proud of your food Rajasthan brothers….

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