Guy Falls in Love With Pit Bull Dog So He Adopts Three More | The Dodo Pittie Nation

Guy Falls in Love With Pit Bull Dog So He Adopts Three More | The Dodo Pittie Nation
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Guy Realizes He Can’t Live Without A Pack Of Pit Bulls | This guy adopted a pit bull and fell in love — then he realized what he’d been missing out on his whole life and adopted three more! Today on Pittie Nation, watch how Drew and his pack of pitties are inspiring so many families out there to become PIT BULL FAMILIES. You can keep up with Drew and all of his incredible work with pitbulls on Instagram, @pittieswithattitude: You can also check out their website to learn more about their rescue work and donate to help save more amazing dogs:

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  1. No dog holds any malice in it's heart. They are just not that way.
    What a dog becomes is always the result of what people do… or don't do.

  2. I have had Rottweilers for 30 years and I think the owners need training. My kids have grown up with Rotties. We called them Spoiled Rottenweilers. We never had any incidents. My neighbours were scared at first, next thing I know they are buying treats. Gosh even the mail lady had treats. TRAIN THE OWNERS.

  3. You are amazing people. This breed of dog gets a really bad rap. You have the heart to show that it isn't true. Love you lots for what you are doing for these amazing creatures that teach us about life and love. Hugs and kisses from Newfoundland, Canada. xoxoxoxoxo

  4. My last 5 dogs have been rescues, 4 of them German Shepherds, many with significant problems, abuse and therefore attacking/aggression towards human & dogs (to the point of needing stitches).

    One shelter didn't even tell me, they just specified the dog "must be adopted by someone with breed experience". After several attacks, I called back to find out the dog's history, if they were aware of any past problems, and if so, to see if they could offer any insight/solutions, but they weren't surprised, didn't offer any back story, merely said to muzzle the dog!!

    If I had returned the dog, who was only 2 years old, she probably would have ended up euthanized, so I kept her. Now, she's an absolute cream puff! She thinks EVERYONE wants to pet her and saunters over to make sure they have the opportunity bc (in her mind) a stranger is just a friend she hasn't met yet!

    I am ready for another dog (of course a rescue) and I have my sights of a pitty pie. German Shepherds, although extremely sensitive and cued in to humans and human emotions, they are not the most demonstrative, touchy-feely of dogs. For example, they like to sleep at the end of the bed, always facing danger. They will get on the sofa, but again, facing away from you. I want a very loving and affectionate dog that likes to be stroked, in my lap or snuggle close!

  5. I love how he literally says he just yelled at her “hey! Get in the car!” like she’s his teenage daughter who got caught being rebellious ??

  6. What a great story and what a great person you are I could tell by the big smile on your face that you truly love what you do i wish you nothing but the best you are a angel lots of love to you and your pits from Seattle ❤️????

  7. hooligans need to stop attempting to raise pitts because they give pitt bulls a bad name. These dogs need good training and love, something the hoodlums cannot provide which is why there are so many in the streets and have broken homes. sad

  8. I have 3 rescues. A elder Black Lab , a Golden Lab and about 6 months ago I was presented with a situation of a female brindle pit that was 8 years old that was going to be put down because she was an inconvienence .We also have a Beagle my Husband had to buy as he was so attached to our previous beagle who was a rescue I just let him do what he needed to do. ITs odd how many pure breeds I see at the shelters. Anyway. Id heard both sides of the Pit bull stories but being around all kinds of animals my whole life I just could not believe that any animal was totally mean and aggreassive unless it was trained to be or is acting out of fear or self protection. So I went and got her right before she was going to be put down. What an amazing sweet cuddle bug. It took her a few says to go get used to the other dogs but such a sweetie. On our first date with the vet we did find that she had not been fixed , My Vet pointed out that she probably at some point had been a bait dof as there were scars all over her and she also needed to be spayed and the worst was there was a huge tumor located in her Mamary glands that was the size of a thick paperback book and was very dense. $2600 dollars later she had sucessful surgery and we were luckt as her cancer was all contained with in the tumor so she is healthy as a horse and is bavk home with us and the sweetest dog in the world. The breed has gotten such a bad reputation and there is no such thing as a bad breed of dogs. Only Bad peope who train and torture these dogs to act this way..

  9. L♥️VE, L♥️VE, L♥️VE What they're are doing. Such a wonderfully passionate soul. Keep up the good work. These babies are so blessed to have found them and I know they feel the same way about them… I love my 2 dogs and cat with every ounce of my being. I can't imagine someone mistreating precious animals. Mine are a part of my family. ♥️

  10. All dogs are special. When my daughter was a little girl i bought a video: All dogs go to heaven’ it made us laugh and cry. Beautiful. True all dogs do go to heaven. They are special beings

  11. This made me cry!!! I had a white female just like yours and she past away at 9 yrs old and I miss her everyday?she was an amazing dog in everyway and I miss her soooooooo much! I'm sick stuck in bed for months at a time and wish I had her here to cuddle me when I'm in pain and sick . Truly miss my baby girl!

  12. i love this video i agree with it alot my nana adopted one and the moment i saw her i fell in love wheni open her crate she comes running out and jumps on my gives lots of love as if i hadent seen her in like three years she is adorable and loves to playe pls like if you love pitts as much as me

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