Dogs Discover Snow & Other Snow Loving Animals Too Compilation | The Dodo Best Of

Dogs Discover Snow & Other Snow Loving Animals Too Compilation | The Dodo Best Of
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Dogs Discover Snow & Other Snow Animals Compilation | These dogs and a few other special animals are discovering and playing in snow just like we do!

Dogs Experience Snow for the First Time & More | Dogs Experiences Snow For The First Time
Credit: On Screen

Dog Sees Snow For The First Time, Tries To Eat It
Credit: Carla DeKalb via Storyful

Rescue Dogs Stampede Through The Snow | Keep up with these adorable pups on Instagram:

Horses Discover Snow — And Can’t Get Enough
To sponsor the ongoing care of rescued horses like these, you can support the Duchess Sanctuary ( and the Stardust Animal Sanctuary: | Special thanks to the Humane Society of the United States:

Behold: A Train Of Pugs Traveling Through The Snow
Video Credit: Brave Bison

Rescue Pig Loves Her Winter Hat | To support the ongoing care of Esther the Wonder Pig in her new home, please visit the Happily Ever Esther Farm Sanctuary: Follow her new life on Facebook:

Dog Really Wants To Play Fetch…In The Snow
Credit: Adam Lowe via Storyful

Dogs Try On Snow Shoes, Totally Transform
Credit: On Screen

Seeing Snow For The First Time | | Special thanks to Kai Footikum for sharing their footage:

Panda Sees Snow And Completely Loses It
Credit: National Zoo

Happy Corgi Runs Through Snow

River Otter Loves To Slide In The Snow
Credit: Barrett Hedges via Storyful

Rescue Bears Eat Snow Popsicles |To help sponsor the ongoing care of these rescued bears, you can support Four Paws International: You can also sign their petition to free the remaining captive bears of Albania:

Rescued Pit Bulls Play In The Snow | Video by: Daniel Rodriguez de la Viuda | Video footage provided by: Alex Knappenberger |

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Dogs discover snow
Dog discovers snow
Dog sees snow
dog playing in snow

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  1. Awwwwwwwwww! When my dog went to the snow for the first time he had to jump in order to get around in the snow. It was soooooo funny! Well my favorite thing to do in the snow is to make snow balls…. well I try to. It just falls out of my hand. Thanks dodo for this AMAZING video! ?

  2. I don't get snow where I live but loved seeing them loving the snow! With all those prints in the snow CSI would identify the snow lovers ?

  3. it snowed here at my house today, AND IT WAS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO FUUUUNNNNNNNNNNNNN!, and it was alot too, and it was my like my first time were i got ALOT of snow!, and i have two dogs one of them loved it and one of them just did not want to go into the snow it was so funny XD

  4. I'm moving to Flagstaff AZ from California at the end of the month. My dogs are going to freak out when it snows.

  5. Those brown bears are in Kosovo in a place called bear sanctuary prishtina. They have a facebook page where they post frequently. Check out the facebook page and help out in any way you can.

  6. I live down south where it rarely snows, but today, it snowed and i finally got to experience the feeling once again after 13 years!!

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