Best Bean Sprout Soup and Blood Sausage in Jeonju (Day 14)

Best Bean Sprout Soup and Blood Sausage in Jeonju (Day 14)
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On day 14 in South Korea, I was a guest at the Jeonju Academy of Music, where I learned Korean traditional music, and we then went to Jeonju’s Nambu Market for lunch. Hyundai-ok (현대옥) is one of the most legendary restaurants in the market for gukbap (bean sprout soup).

1:50 Jeonju Academy of Music – I had no idea what I was about to do when we showed up at the Jeonju Academy of Music. I was invited to participate in a traditional Pansori music class. Soon I found myself drumming and chanting with the class, and the instructor even gave me some personal solo training in front of the entire class on my own. Wow, it was a pretty interesting experience!

8:24 Jeonju Nambu Market – The first restaurant we went to was Jo Jeom-rye (조점례남문피순대) Restaurant, a place that’s well known throughout Korea for serving gukbap soup with soondae, which is blood sausage. We also got a side of extra blood sausage. I was amazed at how moist and flavorful the soondae was, without being irony or bloody tasting, it was absolutely delicious. I especially enjoyed the plate of soondae that was on it’s own, and then eating it wrapped in pieces of lettuce and extra spices.

For our next lunch we headed next door to Hyundai-ok (현대옥), one of the most recognized food stalls in Jeonju that serves gukbap, rice and bean sprout soup, which is the iconic dish of Jeonju. It was delicious, definitely the best version of the dish I had while I was in Jeonju.

Disclaimer: My trip to Jeonju was sponsored by the Jeonbuk Centre for International Affairs.

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  1. Mark has been all over the world and always looks like a fish in water no matter where he is. The only place he looks out of his element was in drumming class lol

  2. OMG the solo ???? I bet Ying was losing it holding that camera ???? But KUDOS to you, Mark, for doing it. I probably would have been like, no solo please, I did not sign up for that ???✨??✨

  3. Mark, you remind me of an excited, and adventurous little boy. The way you look, and sound, especially when you eat, is priceless. I was born, and partly raised in the Caribbean, St. Croix, and loved when my mother used to get blood sausages every now, and then. I've been in the states for 32 years, and haven't had any since. ??

    Anyway. TFS another adventurous, exciting, and fun video.

  4. Never drink water while watching this video. I nearly choked from laughter but seriously that was not too bad. Good first time.

  5. Though you eat a lot but still manage to keep in shape. Because of balanced diet with lots of vegetables, herbs,spice. Also because you have good emotional health, always calm & happy. Also you are physically active, lots of walking. Good lifestyle!

  6. please don't ever sing again! That was painful to listen to. The blood sausage looked incredibly yummy! I love 'boudin' in French

  7. love your videos for how you are not main stream like on tv. Like others that do similar stuff ,and you are very down home you show the good in all cultures.

  8. Lol that made me literally lol ? You were very brave to try that and actually did very well but it still madd me laugh ?

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