Abandoned dogs waited for someone to call Hope For Paws!

Abandoned dogs waited for someone to call Hope For Paws!
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China and Dublin needed someone who cares to reach out to someone that will help them. Thanks to JoAnn Wiltz and Lisa Arturo, they are now SAFE, and they are both looking for a loving forever home.
To adopt China, the Bull Terrier, please contact our friends at: https://www.laanimalrescue.org/
To adopt Dublin, the Shepherd / Rottweiler mix, please contact our friends at: http://www.wagsandwalks.org/

We can’t rescue these animals without your support. Every donation sends us to another mission, and every time you share our videos, you are helping raise awareness all over the world!

There is another cool video that you probably haven’t seen yet here:
http://www.HopeForPaws.org – Please watch, share and donate.

Thanks 🙂


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  1. Don't buy or adopt animal if you dont know how to treat them well , lot of my pets died in ages I was really sad they are like humans have emotions

  2. Look at all those happy faces. Someone please love me. I love the lucky leash part and the "spa treatment." AHHHHHH Heaven!!

  3. Dublin & China were waiting for someone to come back for them, instead the best ever came along, to rescue them. Thank you Hope for Paws.

  4. I would take BOTH in a heartbeat.But by the time I would have my new house…..theyd be scooped up.Whoever gets one of these pups…..are lucky dogs indeed!!!

  5. I love what you all do for animals. When I was a kid living on a farm my Mom and I visited a shelter in Ramona CA. I remember telling my Mom I wanted to do the same for animals. Unfortunately, life had other plans for me- disabled due to an accident. Although, I do go to rescues when I'm ready for another companion.
    p.s. Such a shame LA looks like a 3rd world country now. I moved from CA years ago. So glad I did.

  6. Situations like this make me feel such a helpless anger. I want to punish the people who do such things so incredibly bad, but they're complete cowards who hide. At least these babies got saved, but it breaks my heart they had to go through all of that fear and sadness in the first place.

  7. Hope For Paws, i would very much want/love to volunteer in Dubai/Aden or in any Arabic Countries. I was born in Aden in Yemen and therefore, can speak Arabic! You already have me email and donate now and then.
    Next donation will be next week.

  8. Such beautiful animals and they shouldn’t be homeless. Spaying and nuetering is so important to stop over population. Please have your pets fixed.
    I pick up left over puppies all the time.
    They die when left. We need to come together to stop this. Hope for Paws is my favorite rescue. I also do rescues and I’ve learned a lot from this wonderful rescue ??

  9. These videos are so much better without that control freak guy constantly talking down to the women that are helping him. These poor dogs respond so much better to the women that are helping the that dude who feels he needs to micro manage every thing.

  10. all come in romania to see cats and dods abandoned in bags on fields i saved 4 of them 6 months ago and now i have to nice male cats and 2 nice female dogs

  11. Donate there nothing without us they have a spirit spirts never dissolve, the only difference between them and us is we have a soul , having a soul means your responsible for your bad wrongs , only difference we have more feed back loops in our mind, to be smarter , but a spirt is for eternity after the dogs die there SPIRIT goes to the creater. Plz help these beautiful animals from having to struggle from not just day to day , but it’s hard to suffer one second seems like eternity, plzzzzzz let’s help these beautiful soulless spirits who have love, empathy,

  12. last year i went to a pet adoption center and found the same dog same name and we got to play with him for a little while he is very cute!!!!!!!

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