FLAMING BEEF and EGGS! – Must-Eat Cambodian Street Food Dish in Phnom Penh!

FLAMING BEEF and EGGS! - Must-Eat Cambodian Street Food Dish in Phnom Penh!
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Just across the street from Central Market in Phnom Penh, you’ll find an amazing local spot for lunch that serves Cambodian flaming beef in a cow shaped pan. They light the cast iron skillets on fire, and then toss in some beef, seasoning, onions, eggs, and finish it off with some sauces and green onions. One of the best things about the dish is watching them being made and the lady that makes them could probably do it with her eyes closed, she’s done it so many times.

You eat the flaming beef pan and juices with rice, and it goes perfectly together, especially with some extra added chilies and chili sauce.

We ate here on a spur of the moment, just walking by in Phnom Penh and looking for something delicious to eat, and it turned out to be a must eat in Phnom Penh.

Not sure of the name of this place in English, but here’s the Khmer: ភោជនីយដ្ឋាន បាយគោដុត

Address: Preah Chey Chetha St. (118), Phnom Penh, Cambodia (On the corner of Street 61 and Street 118)
Total price – 30,500 KHR ($7.36) for 5 pans and side dishes
Puffed rice – 2,000 KHR (0.48)

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  1. We make those desert balls for festivals and major functions, with fried peanuts, fried gram, dried copra, and dry ginger and the last coating with Desi ghee. It tastes awesome. It is call "puri unde".

  2. Look good food very nice place for food and lots of them enjoy your food and lots of nice food to come enjoy your holiday very good thanks.

  3. Isn't that vietnamese food ? The vietnamese invented it during the french colonial time, it's a food which is made to be suitable for the colonial french taste and I'm pretty sure that it wasn't a traditional cambodian food.

  4. I understand he makes so much money from all you people that pay him but doesn’t he have family or a girlfriend? And doesn’t he get tired of traveling to all these third world countries? I mean I could do it but like for a week every 6 months. I need to be with my family girl and friends. I don’t get it

  5. Yes brother Mark, I admit it. I watched alot of steak videos (Guga, Pitmaster and etc) but maaaaaaann! I am still inlove with your food vlogs! Maaan! Keep it up!

    Love from Philippines!

  6. How come when Mark does his "ooooh"s and "waaaaw"s, in every single video, he gets a million plus hits, and when I did it just one time I got "hit" (a slap on the back of my head!) and went on to be accused of being sarcastic and fake?!… now that's fair, isn't it?

  7. The vietnamese version of the steak and eggs have pate in it and comes with french fries and a banh mi to dip and soak up thr juices

  8. Great video. Two of my favourite foods beef and eggs. With the onions and blood stock my mouth was watering. Is this a common dish in all cambodia or just Phnom penh? As I'm a frequent visitor of surin Thailand I would just pop over the border for some of that ?

  9. Kind of getting bored to see your false smile and videos too. If you made a better place for you then make a better place for others. Go to Africa children are starving there.

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