We Found a Lost Husky and Brought her Home!

We Found a Lost Husky and Brought her Home!
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Although bringing this dog in really changed our plans for the day its always worth while to help a lost dog. Huskies are known to slip away and run miles and miles. The last thing I wanted was for this dog to take off running down the train tracks and wind up getting hit by a train. We managed to find her owners after posting in a few different Lost Pets pages on facebook.

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  1. I love Huskies, She's Beautiful. My Wife (Now my Ex) had a black & Grey German Shepard. Saved her from being put down. We got her from an animal shelter and she was sooo smart. When I was younger, I had a dog which was 5%Husky/5%Malamute/90%Wolf. We didn't know it at the time because my Uncle who use to go up to Minnesota alot was camping and came across a black puppy that was only a couple weeks old and no one claimed it and no Mother Dog to be found. So my Uncle decided to bring it back with them and raised it. They thought the Dog was German Shepard with Husky in it but it turned out that the Dog was a Wolf. They had no idea and He (the Wolf mated with my Aunts Dog which was Husky & Malamute. Turns out that my Aunts Dog had puppies and we ended up with a puppie. As he got older he looked like a Timber Wolf / Grey Wolf. He use to cower down on the ground under our Adult Male Dog and found out that's what wolves do when they're in a pack. The Omega is the lowest and always Cowers down with their tail between their legs towards another Dog licking the mouth of the Dominant Male. So, when I seen the Husky presenting herself towards your other dogs it was a sign of dominance. They won't kill each other but there will always be a picking order in a pack of dogs in which there is more than one or two. There's always going to be a dominant Female & Dominant Male for mating reasons in a pack. My Mother thought that Nanook – Wolf/Husky/Malamute was going to kill our African German Shepard but that wasn't the case. He chewed up our back porch and dug deep, deep holes in the backyard, (Which was a nice size yard). Huskies love Winter and will dig a hole during the summer to keep itself cool, but the pros outweigh the cons.. They're very good Family Dogs and will protect the Family to it's utmost.
    I can dig the Can Am – That's awesome. I have some racing friends who own race cars & race Winged Sprint Cars. I would love to have been able to race them but I ended up disabled due to a broken back that never healed good due to a physical therapist braking my spine by performing decompression. It was covered up and the Physical Therapy place stated they never did decompression on me along with no record so I couldn't take them to court for flipping my whole life upside down. I had a career and i couldn't do it anymore along with delinquent loans that are exuberant right now & I'm unable to pay them off. I went from 250 lbs. down to 185 lbs within 3 wks as the Drs. argued who was going to operate on me because my Dr that performed the 1st Back Op was in the same Dr.'s Office as the Assistant Neurosurgeon that was helping a different Neurosurgeon operate on me. The reason why I chose a different Neurosurgeon is because the same herniations L5-S1 came back before the PT. After going into PT I ended up with a L4 Fracture and a L5 Lamina completely broken off and lodged into my L5 Nerve Root paralyzing my leg. The Dr's didn't catch my broken back til I was opened up on the operating table and since then I'm a proud owner of 6 Herniated Discs & 5 Protrusions in my spine. It just caused a ripple effect and the same Discs that were operated on are herniated for a 3rd time along with L2-L4. So I'm herniated from my L2-S1 & heriations in my neck due to a CT Mylogram that was never fixed and for a 1.5 yrs from 2008-2010 I suffered due to spinal fluid leakage which caused my brain to pull away from my skull & having episodes where my eyes would role to the back of my head and pass out. They performed 2 Blood Patches to my spine in which the 1st didn't take & the 2nd one did but the damage was already done. I experienced full paralyzation from the waist down til the swelling or whatever they done to me went down so I could walk again. I peeked in PT & other forms of PT so nothing more can be done except pain management. Now I deal with massive headaches and sometimes they're so bad I can't concentrate so I have to just close my eyes and sleep throughout the whole day or two sometimes. Sometimes the headaches last for weeks. I'm on medication for that along with the severe pain I go through daily. No Neurosurgeon wants to operate on me because I am a high risk. I have an 85% of being permanently/partially paralyzed for the rest of my life.
    I don't know why I'm writing this, maybe because you work for a FD. I use to work for the 911 in Chicago, IL. OEMC NMC. But I quit that job because it got so political & just ridiculous. Then ended up working for a College and that's when my Back got broken. I had no idea that I my herniations resurfaced. After going through PT is when my back broke having decompression performed on a portable unit. The PT had placed 35 lbs of pressure.
    I guess one good thing is, I got closer to GOD & our LORD Jesus Christ… It gave me time to learn more about Him and our Father in Heaven.. That's an AMEN!!! Peace, Grace & Mercy to you & your Family.

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