Rescued Pit Bull Has Amazing Special Ability – ALADDIN | The Dodo Pittie Nation

Rescued Pit Bull Has Amazing Special Ability - ALADDIN | The Dodo Pittie Nation
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Pit Bull Always Knows When People Need His Help | This pit bull has a special power — he knows exactly when people need a little extra love and always goes out of his way to comfort them. Today on Pittie Nation, watch how Aladdin went from starving shelter dog to the best support dog ever. He’s changing people’s lives with his incredible empathy ?❤️️

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  1. We were first responder. LOL Give me a break. The SWAT team were first responders, The EMT's were first responders, the fireman were first responders. You showed up with 1000 other people. Kudo's for the work but cmon your belittling real 1st responders.

  2. I think Laddy wears clothes well, too. His fashion sense is really spot on. Many dogs..well, you know. But Laddy is a total dapper dan, along with his many other qualities. How lucky you are!!!

  3. Pit bulls aren’t bad. It is what people would do to them and still do to them makes them stereotyped. They have a very strong bite but only if they are in serious danger or their owner was in serious danger and are trained to hurt people as fighting dogs.

  4. Laddies a beautiful doggy with a beautiful soul!!! Damn people and their ignorance! Pitties are the most amazing, loving, tender hearted dogs I have ever had the privilege to meet. Unfortunately I live in a town of ignorant people and they are STILL banned!!! ???

  5. Sometimes I'm speechless at humanity's cruelty to animals. It physically hurts me. A beautiful soul considering what he's been put through. Take care, laddy ?

  6. I had a dog named Lady, she was a Weimaraner, and worked in the fire fighter stations before she retired. I had her before I was born until JK (Junior Kindergarten). She ended up passing away because of ear cancer, and I though it was my fault because one day I yelled in her ear (I was just 7 years old), so I though it was my fault she died and I got so depressed before realizing that’s not how cancer is caused. With her I also had another dog (Dalmatian) named Scooby. He lived very happily, longer than Lady, and passed away when he was fifteen. He was in our backyard, sitting in my dads lap, before licking him one last time. My dad cried so much after that. Next year goes by and we got a Great Dane we named Jaxon. Now Jaxon had arthritis (I think), and even though the pills costed nearly 200$ per 7 pills, we did it for him. He lasted for 1 year before passing away when he stopped breathing when he was sleeping. Now we have a beautiful Great Dane named Roxy and handsome Blood hound named Rex. Roxy is so funny and is always so playful, while Rex just likes to cuddle and be lazy.

  7. Pitbulls are aggressive…. what?? Dodo literally has the videos of almost all pits in them and they are all from shelters or abusive homes and they are the sweetest things ever..and the people that don’t have pitbulls and just assume that they are mean aggressive monsters and has just seen videos or from what someone has “supposedly” told them they should come meet both of my pitbulls and see how their perspective in pitbulls change

  8. You're an angel. Dogs are our best friends, for 15,000 years. We should never let them down. Dogs that hurt others, are only dogs that have bad owners.

  9. Homo saps – the most dangerous, cruel & violent species are afraid of a Pit Bull. They are just full of Bull! I have rescued and know these dogs and they are better than too many Homo saps.

  10. MY Amstaff Nick routinely went up to people in wheel chairs, the elderly, so it's not a surprise that Aladdin was drawn to those who needed him most. Another great pit bull story.

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