Must-Eat Singapore Food – Legendary BLACK PEPPER CRAB at Eng Seng Restaurant!

Must-Eat Singapore Food - Legendary BLACK PEPPER CRAB at Eng Seng Restaurant!
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If you could name one food that unites Singaporeans it may have to be crab – it seems like nearly everyone loves to eat crab. There are quite a few famous restaurants in Singapore that specialize and serve crab. And there are a couple of different preparation methods. Perhaps the most famou one is chili crab, which is crab cooked in a thick red and yellow egg chili sauce. Another popular crab cooking method is black pepper crab, the crab coated in a thick black pepper sauce. Finally, there are a few other variations, like salted egg yolk crab, but the two former are the most famous.

Although crab is extremely popular in Singapore, it’s by all means not a cheap meal at all – not that crab is all that cheap in too many places, but in Singapore, it has to be a very special meal when you decided to eat crab. From the many recommendations, Ying and I decided to eat black pepper crab at Eng Seng Restaurant, which is also known as First Grade Seafood, located in the Joo Chiat area of the city. First Grade Seafood Restaurant is the type of place that you go if you want to eat delicious local food, and want just a typical shophouse / Singapore cafe environment – that’s exactly what I like – and so we went for it.

We ordered their signature black pepper crab, two of them, plus a plate of cabbage sprouts stir fried, and finally a plate of mee goreng, fried noodles. I tasted the mee goreng first, which was so good that it surprised me. The noodles were hot and fresh and coated in a sambal chili sauce with tomatoes and egg. It was incredibly tasty and oily. Next I had some of the cabbage sprouts, which had a good smoky wok taste, while being perfectly salted.

I couldn’t take it any longer, and was ready to eat the Singapore black pepper crab. The crab was coated in a black sauce, and the pepper was so fine that the sauce was completely smooth, coated every nugget of the crab. The crab itself was extremely fresh, and it had a wonderful natural sweetness to it. The black pepper sauce had a taste that reminded me of a tangy bbq sauce, but more peppery. It was a bit sweeter than I had expected, and I think it would have been better for me had it been a little less sweet, but nevertheless it was extremely delicious. Ying and I sat at Eng Seng, fully enjoying our crab feast!

Eng Seng Restaurant (First Grade Seafood Restaurant)
Address: 247 Joo Chiat Place
Open hours: 4 pm – 8:30 pm (closed on every Wednesday)
Prices: The the two pepper crabs cost $80, and our entire bill came to $92.50 SGD
How to get there: The restaurant is located in the Joo Chiat area of Singapore, about a 10 minute walk from Eunos MRT station.


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  1. When you went to Melaca, you should have eaten their dry curry crab and salted egg crab. tastes amazing and cheaper than what you paid for in Singapore.

  2. If he close his eyes and his body getting inclined that mean its delicious. If he taste and do not do that its mean "just not bad but not good enough". Haha

  3. I'm from Baltimore and I have always enjoyed our Chesapeake Bay Blue Channel Crabs. These Black Pepper Crabs look awesome. Love the idea of the sauce being sweet.

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