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  1. 6:04 Kimmy must not have heard her sister right because she asked her Fuck wrong wit chu Bitch……. well Kimmy didnt you hear her SHE CANT BREATHE!!! LOL erry time i see that bitch ill remember I cant breathe LOL Than really means HEY guys I brought with me to fight this tiny little girl please save me shes whippin my ass

  2. Victoria B Look at your kids a block away from where your son killed Ryan Adams doing the same fucking this what you teach your kids?? Listen to Kimmy..are you proud of her…..this is what YOU raised with your pussy ass husband…..who whispers things in little girls ears instead of saying what he needs to say……… you should be so proud of your family..#JusticeForRyanAdams…this is what YOU raised be proud

  3. Shannon Marie

    December 6 at 9:13 PM ·

    I Don't see How Y'all "MOMMIES" Do All This Thug ass shit And Risk Going To Jail Oveer a niggah When Y'all Have These BABIES to Worry About ! Idc HOW MUCH I LOVE A NIGGAH ILL NEVER RISK BEING AWAY FROM MY BABIES ! & THATS FACTS . y'all Can Tell Me I'm Not Solid Or W.e ! But at the end of the day I gotta STAY SOLID FOR THESE BABIES I CREATED 💯💯💯 <————– This is From the one in the Blue ( I cant breathe) thats a post on her facebook page LOL…Looked to me like she was Staying Solid n a Leg Lock talking bout I cant Breathe hahahaha

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