Animal Cops South Africa – Ep.5 | TRULY

Animal Cops South Africa - Ep.5 | TRULY
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Documentary series following the work of the Cape of Good Hope Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, in Cape Town, South Africa. Chief Inspector Andries Venter rushes to rescue a cat whose leg is trapped between the joints of a cement wall. Meanwhile Inspector Wilber Khenkebe is called out to a pony that has been viciously attacked by a pitbull terrier. Wildlife Inspector Kira Joshua comes to the aid of a young seal whose life is threatened by a net tangled around its body. And a team of SPCA inspectors is mobilised to help a dog that has fallen into a drainage canal.

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  1. I watched one and you showed a dog, I believe, with parvo. It's a shame that you couldn't just give them an iv with no meds and wait a few days. It may have survived those few days if you have it a chance. As a our humane society is backed up and overrun and desperately needing more and more money, at least they give all parvo animals a chance unless it's too bad off.

  2. Cannot watch this show it’s too sad for me seeing all those animals suffering how could they do that ???

  3. I tell you, I'm too used to jump scares. The whole time they were poking that camera up in those snakes' faces and standing there with them unlidded I was like "keep it up, those snakes are gonna come up out that bucket and mess you up!" I was almost disappointed that they just went on their merry way

  4. The poor pit bull looked like he was in terrible condition! Even if it had had proper care, it is likely that it would still have attacked the horse since it had never seen one before and hadn't been socialized with one. Many other dogs probably would have acted the same way especially when they don't have their owners around. It really ticked me off when the man said something like 'it attacked a horse, it would probably attack a child too.' That's absolute bullsh*t. The difference between an animal aggressive dog and a human aggressive dog is huge! I wish they showed what the dogs 'assessment' was.

  5. I think they euthanize too often in this show in Africa. After watching all these Episodes, it comes more and more clear, that they often don´t have the will too try everything for a stray.

  6. I'm bothered that I never hear 2 words in these shows, Spayed and Neutered! They shouldn't return animals back to owners unless this is done. The stray cat that had leg removed- was it fixed before releasing? In a country where most people are too poor to have this done, the center should be doing it.

  7. What I find alarming is the deplorable conditions some of these people live in — and not one person has mentioned that. I wish there were a way to knock all those shantytowns down and give them decent housing.

  8. The story about the woman who had 10 dogs in her back yard and didn't want to give them up…do they eat dog meat in South Africa as in S. Korea?

  9. That pitbull was not properly cared for, exercised. It looked horrendous when they decided to give it up. I have a pitbull that was bred to hunt so I take precautions against him attacking animals. I have to take him hunting or he gets overly excited and rambunctious. It is about knowing your dog and taking care of them. I work everyday with his training.

  10. You guys are saying Pitbull like that is bad. He seemed perfectly fine when you were picking him up, he was even wagging his tail a little bit. Tbh I think with some training he could have recovered. And I do know you were saying it was the owners as well, but he could have still been fixed. I dont know that's​ just my opinion.

  11. This bias against pitties needs to stop. Yes, this dog did bad, but many dogs like this are put down just because of their breed. So sad

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