Animal Cops: Scottish SPCA ep 1

Animal Cops: Scottish SPCA ep 1
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Inspectors and ambulance drivers rescue pets, farm animals and wildlife in Scotland

I’d like to ask all you guys for a little help.

Please vote for the Bill Foundation to win $250,000. This money can help them save the lives of strays and abandoned animals who are living and dying on the streets. Please vote for them. It will only take a minute. Thanks!

Here is the youtube channel of Eldad and Hope for Paws, if you don’t know him, watch his videos NOW! If you like watching animals being saved, you’ll cry watching his videos. Especially the video of Fiona.

The Bill Foundation helps Hope for Paws take in rescues.

Here is the voting page.


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  1. So cute how they caught the seal in the bag. Also, I'm mainly here to listen to the amazing Scottish accents. One of my favorite accents!

  2. Hi. If your an animal  person, and want to help a volunteer vet who sails in central America performing free vet services for people in remote places, consider a donation or patreon pledge to this lady . She needs help to carry on. @yXiI  even a dollar will help (per video)

  3. i wish we here in america could remove animals from a home this easily, in the days and sometimes weeks it takes our system to seize an animal it will have suffered more than than it should ever have to, if its even alive by that point.

  4. Scotland is so beautiful! It's #1 on my bucket list of beautiful places to visit before I leave this amazing planet we live on! I'm part Scottish so I'd love to trace my family tree to where on my father's side of the family are from. I don't think I'd ever want to leave tho!

  5. I turned on the closed captions to try and understand what the SPCA folks are saying.

    It didn't help.

    The cc cannot translate Scottish English either!

    for example:

    "only that there and then we're going to do that that's sweet don't put it too quick that's antibiotic will put in first ok then the rest doesn't taste i just to let you know we're drinking out of your head you and this will "

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