Can you see the pain in her eyes? I admit – I was scared on this rescue.

Can you see the pain in her eyes? I admit - I was scared on this rescue.
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If this video brought a tear to your eye and a little bit of hope, please donate today and help us save more animals in desperate situations like this. YouTube has made it so easy and they will absorb the transaction fee just so Hope For Paws will receive 100% of the funds.

Mary Chatman called me about Yara while she was on her way to church. You may know her name because she also called me about the blind poodle, Fiona – seven years ago! (and many other dogs).

I don’t want to tell the whole story here, but I’ll post it on our page:

This week we started selling our LUCKY LEASH and if you want one for your dog, please visit us here:

If you would like to adopt Yara, please contact our friends at:

Thank you so much for donating and sharing our videos.


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  1. Yara is the most beautiful girl she reminds me of a black pit BB ( May she Rest In Peace!) and if I didn’t have 5 right now I’d drive to her from oklyamd bring here home. I fell in love with her face , love and determination !! I have also had a Dalmatian that had 3 legs just like her Pete and he was awesome

  2. Amazing! I love to see that you guys don’t shy away from saving even Pit Bulls! They have a bad stigma attached unfortunately! There’s no such thing as a bad ? it’s a bad owner! Even Pit Bulls! Myself and my family took in two American Bully’s and they are the best, most loyal and loving ?. They are my other children. ?❤️?

  3. Oh I love how you didn’t give up on her even after she escaped. You brighten this sometimes otherwise sad world with your kindness towards these animals.

  4. It just amazes me how resilient dogs are. People always say that "Men are does" but they couldn't be more wrong. Dogs are extremely loyal…Men, not so much. Anyway I'm so happy that she's thriving, healthy and happy. Much respect to you all?????

  5. I don't care how unlevel the ground was !!! she was not fit to walk!! And you never reprimand a dog so stressed and in pain !! And stop trying to be so clever for the camera…

  6. "Haven't you heard of Hope for Paws? You didn't get the memo?" Funny! My heart breaks for all of the pit bulls that are abused, mistreated and left to fend for themselves. I adopted one of those poor souls. Her name is Maizie Grace. I have mobility issues and now she is my service dog. She's wonderful!

  7. Not gonna lie this guy pissed me off. Why the hell did he make her walk all that way twice? He coulda brought that damn cage to her. And then stand there and correct her behaviour instead of rushing her to the ER.

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