Dog Reunited With Foster Mom For The First Time Since Her Adoption | The Dodo Reunited

Dog Reunited With Foster Mom For The First Time Since Her Adoption | The Dodo Reunited
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This Dog’s About To See Her Foster Mom For The First Time Since She Was Adopted | After foster failing twice, this woman ended up with two amazing dogs — and she felt ready to foster a pair of pittie puppies. She fell head over heels for Luna, the tiniest, snuggliest puppy she’d ever seen, but eventually she found her the perfect forever family. Today on Reunited, it’s been six months since Luna was adopted, and her foster mom is dying to kiss her again. If you’re interested in adopting or fostering a puppy like Luna, check out @Fur Friends in Need (

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  1. Of course she remembers. Humans bond, so does the dog. They don't forget good or bad. They forgive much faster than we do.. Dogs are awesome

  2. Tbh I watch alot of dogs and I've seen alot go with time and it hurts to see them go but I know thier happy. We had a happy lab pit mix moved to a new home with lots of land and recently we got the news that a coyote had taken this loving dogs life away. But the coyote was killed for doing such a sin to a loving dog so I really never create a bond with animals bcs I work almost 24/7 and really cant take care of personal pets.

  3. Lesyeux keep watching! stay strong I am praying for you and your family, keep your spirit strong and positive, sending you my biggest hugs, thank you for this channel, it is my happy place when life gets not so happy

  4. So much love she most have got from The foster and back. So much fellings bak and fore. I just cryed and laufh AT The same time. Love all this rescues.

  5. Having lived the past six years deep in grief over my husband's death, many a morning are tearful. To be tearful because of a video like this, though, is healing, sweet, and satisfying. Thanks–yet again!–The Dodo for a video that reaches into my heart and gives a hug.

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