DOCS: Survivors | Animal Cops Houston

DOCS: Survivors | Animal Cops Houston
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When a call comes in concerning sick dogs at a property in Harris County, Houston SPCA Investigator Maverick Wagner is first on the scene. Two Huskies are dead and the team fears a third could be next in line. While Wagner seeks justice for the dead animals the Houston SPCA vets spring into action to prevent the needless loss of another life. Elsewhere Houston SPCA Investigator Liz Pavlicek is called to a farm where a woman’s cruel neglect has led to the death of one of her horses while south of the city the rescue team are called in to save a dog trapped under a woman’s house.

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  1. Oh and if you're going to get a dog don't just tie them up outside and leave them. How would you like to live like that?? I think people that have dogs and they just tie them up and never let them loose or never go out and play with them or anything those people should NOT Be allowed to have dogs. Again how would you like to be tied up you whole life in the blistering heat!?!?! It's not fair to them at all so give them to someone who
    Actually WANTS a dog and wants to spend the time playing and giving them exercise they need!!!

  2. DONT GET AN ANIMAL OF ANY KIND IF YOURE NOT GOING TO TAKE CARE OF THEM!!! THEY SHOULD BE TREATED JUST LIKE ONE OF YOUR KIDS!!! People who neglect animals and have to go to court over it you should NEVER EVER BE ABLE TO GET ANOTHER ANIMAL THAT YOURE JUST GOING TO NEGLECT!!! The woman with the horses should NOT be able to get another animal even if it's on a different property!! HAVING ANIMALS IS A PRIVILEGE!!! I love that these animals got another chance!! I can't handle seeing animals mistreated I cry when I see a squirrel get hit by a car. We try to save any and all animals we see that need help like baby opossums all animals deserve a chance at a good life!!! So please before you get any animal at all make sure you know how long they live and you're up for that task!!!

  3. possums are the ONLY mammals that have immunity to rabies virus They also rarely catch Lyme disease from tick bites, and are immune to the stings of honeybees and scorpions, botulism toxin, and snake venom they have an extremely strong immune system medical researchers are developing human medical treatments from possums

  4. a dog over one year old has to have a weak immune system to die of parvo..extreme real treatment for parvo just for secondary infections…colostrum seems to work the best

  5. Can I just say how confused I was when they pulled the husky out a kennel with another dog in the kennel right beside him and then said two seconds later they keep him separated? Can somebody explain in case I'm just not catching up to what they mean?

  6. I am watching this today, 4/19/19, and the coincidence with the poor deceased opossum mama is sad because just this morning in my town there was a deceased opossum mama with 9 babies taken to our wildlife rescue here in our county, only days old.

  7. Almost. 5 + years ago my sister got a pug from a friend of her boyfriend( Now ex) and he was neglected very bad when she took him to the vet he had to get surgery be cause he had a really bad case of heart worms and some other things the vet said that his case of heart worms it was the worst cases they have seen ever ( they actually keeps some of the worms , they showed them to my sister the last time she visited ,[ kinda gross tho]) he is doing fine now he's really old and fat cause he's a spoiled child because every one lives him and he's by far the most handsomemist boy in the world ???

  8. they keep alive possums that people don't want around their houses but they wouldn't take in a stray chihuahua puppy I found walking around. Ironic.

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