CRAZY SPICY Indonesian Food – Day Trip and Waterfall Adventure in Lombok, Indonesia!

CRAZY SPICY Indonesian Food - Day Trip and Waterfall Adventure in Lombok, Indonesia!
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Lombok is an amazing place for spicy Indonesian food!
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I didn’t have too much time to travel in Lombok (though I’d love to visit again), but I really wanted to visit Tetebatu, at the base of the volcano one day. So we hired a car for the day and drove there, taking some stops to eat some legendary spicy Lombok Indonesian food along the way.

Inaq Dellah – This is the original restaurant in Lombok to eat Ayam Rarang, what I found out is one of the greatest stews I think I’ve ever had in my life. It’s basically just a pure chili stew, made with chicken. It’s so unbelievably flavor and packed with Lombok chili spice.
Total price – 180,000 IDR ($13.14)

Tetebatu, Lombok
Waterfall entrance – 20,000 IDR ($1.46) – We arrived to Tetebatu, and paid the small entrance fee to enter the waterfall. The waterfall was worth a visit, nothing too big, but I always enjoy walking through water on a hike to reach a waterfall.

Nasi Puyung at Nasi Balap Puyung Inaq Esun – One of the most legendary of Lombok Indonesian food dishes is nasi puyung. Again, we went out of our way to seek out the original. It’s a combination of fried shredded chicken, mixed with a heap of curry chili paste. It doesn’t really look that spicy, but it’s pretty amazingly spicy, I loved it. It’s kind of a 3 am kind of dish.
Total price – 88,000 IDR ($6.42) for 3

All day car and guide – I paid 700,000 IDR ($51.10), and Belen was a great guy, and the owner of highly recommended (this is not sponsored, I paid).

This was an amazing day trip in Lombok, and along with crazy spicy delicious Indonesian Lombok food, the sightseeing was spectacular as well. Lombok is a gorgeous island!

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  1. Mark, next time you visit Indonesia ?? make sure you go to Makassar and Manado. They are both cities in Sulawesi island. Makassar food is more mix between sweet and salty. Manado food is super spicy but also delicious. I was born in Indonesia but now live in USA so I am just telling you from my own experience that you haven’t visit Indonesia before you go to those places. Oh make sure you bring your water proof camera when you go to Manado to see one of the most beautiful underwater life in the world. Not to mention the cost you will spend in there is half of what you spent in Bali or Lombok. Happy travels!

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  4. I went to that Nasi Balap Puyung place back in 2010 and that dish was burnin hot spicy. Got to stop eating after 3rd bite. Amazed me how you can enjoy Indonesian spicy food hands down. I'm Indonesian myself but can't hold the spiciness lol.


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