Baby elephant animal rescue – BBC wildlife

Baby elephant animal rescue - BBC wildlife
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The elephant diary team are called out to rescue a 3 week old elephant who has been spotted lying next to it’s dead mother.

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  1. POOR LI'L BABY! Why not take some elephant milk out there with them. Don't they have some elephant milk substitute or even frozen elephant milk?? THIS IS SO HEARTBREAKING!! Fellow decent human beings: LET'S SAVE THE ELEPHANTS AND SUPPORT THE GOOD ELEPHANT SANCTUARIES LIKE THE ONE IN THAILAND WITH LEK!

  2. thanks to team who rescue the are wonderful people, who hv heart to rescue this precious baby….May he survive & hv a new wonderful life!…

  3. you guys are great! i am really intristed in animals and i want to go to africa and rescue wild life and then set them free when they are old and strong enough. im trying to volunteer at the animal shelter near by. Wish me luck that im old enough! 😀

  4. a pocher is a stinking hunter who needs to have his OWN teeth plucked out one by one for money! i hope all poachers go down when they die

  5. Who in the right fucking mind will kill an elephant for their tusk. And what the fuck are you going to do with the tusks? I wish we can capture those ivory poachers and removes their teeth's and let them lose and let them bleed to death, so they can understand the harm they are doing.

  6. very sad I cried alot. Just a few months back some people shot 300 elephants for no reason. Check out here on you tube the elephant refuge in Tenn. Type that into the search box.

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