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  1. Without human's help how much unimaginable situations are faced by all street animals . Only really.great and kind think this . They are so innocent.never.give trouble to us without a minimum sometimes .Thank you . All animals know '' you are great and.for their help '' How muchheartfulbless you by these souls it is also unimaginable .

  2. Eldad is a truly special man who goes all out for these animals. As soon as I start watching any of his rescues I breathe a sigh of relief that that Animal (cats, dogs, rabbits) whatever are now destined for a happy healthy life and not suffering another minute. God bless him x

  3. Why are people buying animals when they just DUMP them? Wonder how they would feel if their family took them out and just -NO YOU ARE NOT welcome here anymore! Get lost! I don´t want you!

  4. Bravo de sauver les annimaux surtout le chien de la décharge comment on peu abandonné ces bêtes c'est trop injuste la france cela est triste pour moi merci un grand merci a vous de vous occuper d'eux merci… ???

  5. This is kinda not cool. Any Hope For Paws fans right away recognize Eldad Hagar, and the famous Miley in the trash pile, etc. Give him credit, (not just a lowercase afterthought, ok?) and though it is great to spread the word – you might get your OWN rescue vids. God knows there's plenty of animals in need of help. Suggestion: Hook up with and publicize one that is lesser known that HFP, and may welcome the publicity. You will act with integrity – something I must say, you are not doing, here.. Just sayin'…

  6. This video is stitched together from Hope-For-Paws videos published by Eldad Hagar, taken during his rescues of the dogs. Shouldn't he get some credit – and his original sound-track?

  7. Thank you's so much for helping all these homeless animals, I love all your videos..I pray you's get all the money you's need to rescue them…

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