Chinese Street Food in Rainy Day | Kolkata Street Food Loves You

Chinese Street Food in Rainy Day | Kolkata Street Food Loves You
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Address : Dacres Lane , Esplanade , Kolkata – 700069

Chinese Street Food in Rainy Day | Kolkata Street Food Loves You.

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  1. This is one of your better videos. Real life. The only sane people are the ones under cover eating. People have to eat. Monsoon rains washing out the dirt and trash that is everywhere in India.

  2. bad Chinese noodles look at all the bottles inside is poisoned sauces made by cheap sauce factories. noodles condition is bad. don't eat.

  3. Best video! Please more like this when opportunity arises. Very relaxing. I could sit at such a place for hours in the rain like that. I'd rent a cot if I could and take a nap. Lol! The sound of rain, cooking and street noise…and Chinese food! What could be better?

  4. My friend love your new into that rain wouldn't bother me at all just as long as i could keep on eating street food ???

  5. Now who on earth in their right mind would want to sit there with water pouring on them while they have their lunch you have got to be kidding me I knew this world was screwed up but for god's sakes lol

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