Best Fails of the Week 2 April 2016 || "I Knew That Was a Bad Idea" by FailArmy

Best Fails of the Week 2 April 2016 || "I Knew That Was a Bad Idea" by FailArmy
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BUTT PASTE! Here they are all the newest hottest video memes and fails submitted to us this week. Take a look and leave a comment below, let us know what you think. Hope you guys had a great week, Salute!

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Original Links:
Girl Smacks Mouth into Boy’s Head
Bicyclist Breaks Collarbone and Right Arm
Dog Knocks Over Man at Gender Reveal
Little Girl Learns a Bad Word
Snowmobile Water Crossing Ends Badly
Kid Scares Mom Popping Out of Store Aisle
Girl Tries to Eat Ice Cream
Guy Can’t Grab Pole on Ceiling
Grandpa’s Teeth Falls into Cake
Goose Attacks Man
Guy Breaks Computer Table
Guy Tries to Ride Board down Sand
Potato Sack Race Ends in a Faceplant
Son Gets Tickled and Snot Comes Out
Longboarder Gets Caught in Wobble
Guy Gets a Rubber Band to the Face
Guy Failing Causes Friend to Fail
Little Girl Laughs at Flying Popcorn
Pinata Flies Towards Camera
Guy Crashes Hard into Sand after Backflip
Guy Fails at Parkour
Guy Slips on Sailboat
Bicyclist Faceplants in Poop
Post-Op Woman Convinced She Sees Aliens
Guy Breaks Table after Jumping on It
Teen Goes Flying Over Bike Handlebars
Hall of Meat: Close out to Scorp // Asuh
Guy Doesn’t Know How to Get in Kayak
Drone Crashes into Pilot
lit Man Climbs Open Gate
Little Girl Rides Mechanical Bull
Car Crashes into Mailbox
Baby Slathers Lotion All over Room


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  1. im assuming the "butt paste" is shit… what the fuck are they feeding that kid to warrant so much sh– er, paste, and that much of it???

  2. For the last time, leaving messy items out where your toddlers can reach them is a parenting fail, not a kid fail. The kids are just exposing you.

  3. Hahaha I was in the first video, and I have to say that the rest of us didn't even know what happened untill we saw our friend on the ground. She got stitches in her upper teeth but other than that everyone was fine.

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