Beautiful fox makes a remarkable recovery – Animal rescue

Beautiful fox makes a remarkable recovery - Animal rescue
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This beautiful female red fox was rushed into our care after being found in the middle of a roundabout in London having been hit by a car. She was rushed in to see our vet team, but was very flat and barely responding.

We worked through the night to stabilise her and, by morning, she was a completely different animal! She was much brighter and full of life once more. After a few weeks of gently rest and treatment, she was ready to go back to the wild where she belongs…

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  1. So glad someone cared enough to bring this lovely vixen in for care and glad she made a full recovery. Ty Simon and WAF for doing all you could for her

  2. You can never underestimate how valuable and important your actions are to both wildlife and the environment. I only wish this was the MAJORITY and norm. More people should be concerned over the health of such beautiful beings. We are all links on the same chain. No one singular link within the chain is more valuable than the other. Thanks Simon and crew.

  3. When they stop and look back its really heartwarming – they just know what a gift they have been given – thanks for all your work.

  4. Love the work you guys do ! I was surprised to see a clean and nearly empty boot of your car. When can we expect the clean up video of the boot and its various kits ? ???

  5. Great job as usual, another successful release ? but my question is this. Who in their right mind would give this video 2 thumbs down? I’m mean, really..

  6. i know there is not much wild left in the world, but why release an animal near cities, why not take it to the country side? I know they like to release where they find them, but it got hit by a car, why not somewhere more wild? animals always adapt where ever they are, especially foxes.

  7. You are all so amazing. Love the attention you give to this wonderful animals. Makes me happy to donate to your organisation. ??????

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