So Touching! You Have To See This Dog's Reaction To Being Rescued, I'm Almost In Tears!

So Touching! You Have To See This Dog's Reaction To Being Rescued, I'm Almost In Tears!
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  1. Dog so sweet.

    Dogs are so sweet.

    Give them respect.

    Remember the Golden Rule. Whoever has the most gold makes the rules.
    Golden Retrievers have the most gold, therefore they make the rules.

  2. See call me negative nancy but but all this could have been avoided if they’d showed just tad more concern in the 1st place and not left the dog out the back.
    Everyone knows the fireworks come out for Halloween . Everyone knows the majority of dogs don’t react well with them. My dog doesn’t flinch at the bangs but I still wouldn’t have him outside when fireworks are going of incase someone accidentally or worse, on purpose hit him with one.
    Plus I worry that maybe one for whatever reason could cause a reaction to make him frightened. So I close the blinds, keep the tv turned up and keep him distracted when there are volleys of fireworks .
    Common sense could have saved these people and their dog a lot of anxiety and fear ??‍♂️?
    On a separate note, micro chipping key. Anyone who doesn’t get their pet chipped is nuts

  3. I didn't think the dog looked scared at all, he looked very sad (probably thought the owners didnt care to look for him, or was unsure that that was actually his owner), and was also very overwhelmed by the reunion. Yes, the man lacks emotion, probably because he was being recorded, or just wasn't THAT attached to the dog, but I definitely felt strongly when I saw the dog approach him and then sit with the his head out for pets.
    On the other hand, maybe the dog wasn'y happy at all living with him and was very sad to be found and going back with him again

  4. This video is AWFUL!!! Anyone who thinks this is sweet cannot read dog body language. This dog is CLEARLY afraid of this man!!! This is NOT a happy reunion!!! I hate seeing how many likes this has.

  5. people are so ridiculously mean and hateful. you could clearly see this dog loves his human. and the love his human showed him. beautiful reunion and I'm so happy he was found

  6. Uh… sorry, that's not the way a happy dog greets an owner it wants to see. If I've been away for a week, when I return home my dog is spinning in circles with a wagging tail when I see him. I only hope this dog has a better life than in the shelter (which probably was perfect, but was loving).

  7. The dog may well have been abused but not necessarily by the owner. A lot can happen in 7 months and who knows where she's been or who has handled her during that time.

  8. Last year, I talked to a woman whose dog(golden retriever) was missing for 3 years, I began helping her by sharing her dog pictures, looking for him everywhere, and one day I found him, he was walking in a town park, with no hope in his eyes, first i tought he was the one in a hundred retrievers that people are searching for, but then i took him to the vet, who scanned his microchip, he was the dog we were searching for, I immidately called her, and I really can't explain with words how happy she was, she was crying, I cried.. Her dog was born on March 12., same day as my birthday, he was a golden retriever like my Archie, and I think that wasn't and it will never be a coincidence. Never lose hope.

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