Rescue Dogs Who Found Forever Homes

Rescue Dogs Who Found Forever Homes
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ADOPT DON’T SHOP! All these adorable dogs were rescued and found their forever homes with loving families! I can’t handle how happy they are!

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  1. Did you LOVE the doggie dancing while he wolfed down his food?! And the sweetheart little girl singing a lullaby to her doggie to relax and comfort him? There's hope in the world after all. Tjankk you, God. Xoxo

  2. It's so heartwarming to see happy doggies SO excited to be rescued!! They absolutely do know and understand that their lives are going to change forever! My all-time favorite was the little girl singing her puppy to sleep with a lullaby. Her baby…

  3. i feel bad for the dog because they just left at the middle of no where,but this humams rescue them change there life,they make them happy dogs like others!?

  4. I don't know what is more heartbreaking: the reaction from the guys who found the abandoned puppies on the road (of pure anger and disgust towards whoever did such an awful thing) or the fact that there are people this cruel in this world… Dogs are not the reason of society's problems, they are angels making sure we all have something to smile for… If you wish to have a dog but can't afford it, just go on and adopt… It doesn't matter whether the dog is adopted or bought, all that matter is how much you'll love him/her… "Give him your heart and he'll give you his"

  5. That’s so sweet ❤️

    We were at a restaurant once and there was a small dog, a very skinny one, and he came up to a guy eating dinner with his family and the guy kicked the dog hard with his leg and shooed it away, we told the manager and he got kicked out of the restaurant, no one should treat animals like he did.

  6. Please someone have the title of the last music in the video ?And all these dogs and puppies are awesome… Just happy to not being surrender anymore <3

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