LA Historic Food Tour – BEST PASTRAMI and PRIME RIB | Top Restaurants in Los Angeles, USA!

LA Historic Food Tour - BEST PASTRAMI  and PRIME RIB | Top Restaurants in Los Angeles, USA!
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Los Angeles has some incredible historical restaurants, and on this tour I’m taking you on a classic food tour of Los Angeles!

Here are the restaurants I tried during this food tour:

1. Langer’s Delicatessen – Open since 1947 Langer’s Deli is an icon of Los Angeles, and after eating there for the first time, I know for sure it’s a must eat destination in LA. They have an entire menu of different sandwiches and dishes, but I knew exactly I wanted to eat the #19 Pastrami Sandwich. The sandwich came with hand-cut pastrami on rye, and an almost equal ratio of coleslaw, which is one of the parts that makes it unique. Along with the warm melt in your mouth pastrami, the coleslaw was cool and crisp, making the perfect contrast. One of the best sandwiches I’ve ever had in my life at Langer’s Delicatessen.
Price – $18.95

Philippe The Original – Next stop, and not too far away in downtown Los Angeles, another timeless classic, Philippe The Original open since 1908. I ordered the beef dip (double dip), one of their signature dishes. The beef was pretty good, and they dipped their bread into the beef juices before serving it. For me it wasn’t nearly as good as the pastrami sandwich, but it was pretty good.
Price – $8.50

Cielito Lindo – Open since 1934 Cielito Lindo is known for their rolled taquitos. I ordered #3 – 2 Taquitos, 1 Chile Relleno, plate combo. The location is pretty cool, in downtown Los Angeles, and it’s another classic legendary restaurant. Overall, the taquitos were ok, but the tortilla wrapper was a little on the thick side for me. The avocado salsa though was pretty good.
Price – $7.50

Lawry’s the Prime Rib – Finally for dinner, and it was a dinner I was hugely looking forward to we went to Lawry’s the Prime Rib, open since 1938. There are few restaurants in Los Angeles as classic and as much of a location in LA as Lawry’s (actually in Beverly Hills). As soon as you step into the door, you know you’re somewhere special, it really is a throwback in time. I knew for sure I wanted the prime rib and after having a tossed salad a bread, they wheeled out the space shuttle looking carts full of juicy prime rib and sliced us off a chunk. The prime rib was incredibly juicy, tender, and full of extra meat juices. Not only was the food delicious, but it was a really special atmosphere.
Total price (for 2) – $110.60

What an incredible day of food in Los Angeles! I still can’t decide what was my favorite – the pastrami or the prime rib.


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  1. You guys said you're from Bangkok but did you study in the states cause your English is very precise and fluent like you grew up here even your Spanish im mexican and it sounds really good

  2. That is not a Pastrami it is a Pastrami Ruben, a fairly modern Pastrami abomination not for a purest. Sickly sweet Russian dressing and cold Cole Slaw kill the Pastrami taste.

  3. Gosh, does the waitress lady at the Pribe Rib place really need to be so pronouncedly fake in the way she speaks? I hadn't heard more pretentious undertones and voice twists in a while…

  4. Landers Deli? How can an empty deli be world famous? Notice the place is like a ghost town. If that place was any good, (Like Katz's in NYC or Schwartz's in Montreal) it would be mobbed. Another B.S. story from the land of mediocrity, SoCal. Also, mighty chintzy sammich size and only 1/3 as full as the others.

  5. collapsising hahahhahahha. Your channel is great but if you learned more about food and cooking your 'analysis' or review of what you are eating would be more insightful

  6. Comment* 2,892* Eating at Lawry`s would only make me cry, like all the things in LA that reminded me of home. This is like we eat all the time when we have a mother who cooks! Mark`s comment on this sounded like poetry, this is a truly inspiring experience for him, raising his energy level to the ability of producing art, being creative. That´s why you can make cooking and eating a spiritual exercise, like in the Cult of Hare Krishna and in religions like Catholicism which consider marriage a sacrament, with the dining table in the center of the daily routine. All the men in my family preferred women who stayed at home and cooked, some wouldn´t  even have allowed their wife to get a job. The waiter at Lawry`s is called German, lol, the culture of the New World is nothing else but the expansion of loving memories as well, which is heaven. In ancient Egypt they considered this what creation and human life is about, a cycle or resurrection, the return, expansion, and improvement of all which is good, and it comes with a shadow of course, yet this is beautiful as well. They didn`t worship the sun instead the creator of the sun, like some Wikipedia jerks think, they had a concept of the AMDUAT, which is the realm of ideas, they were about recognition not only perception. The world of the fall is mainly focusing on perception, which is called materialism. When we want to return to greatness we have to contemplate the beauty of ideas, good memories. Desire is a driving force. I`m not going shopping right now and live from food I bought weeks ago at a  IKEA mall. But I don`t get hungry watching Mark unless it reminds me of a meal I once enjoyed in my past, together with people I loved. It tastes better when you are in company of someone who raises your energy level by a loving relationship, because love is the life force that enables us to experience taste. That`s why you enjoy it more when you are young, fully energized.  Copyright: "The Perfect Vision of Aurora" Mythopoeia of the UCA(R)Evolution 2019* Liberation Performance Art of the Cult of the Rising Sun*

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