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Hey there AG fans! It’s been a while I know, but I ask for forgiveness, I’ve been extremely busy of late, although I have started the editing of next years PEOPLE ARE AWESOME edits! Keep your eye out in December/January for one of the best videos yet!


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  1. Great videos, where do you get the original videos from>??? I'd like to add your playlists of jets to my channel if that is ok? Great work!!!!

  2. Alright, sorry to keep you all in the dark! Recently i've had a lot going on that had to be prioritised so unfortunately the full edition has been delayed only slightly. Don't fret however, the full video will be released soon! I wish I could give you a confirmed date but I can't 🙁 Early February at the latest! Thanks everyone, see you all in the skies – AG

  3. Thanks for the feedback so far, everyone asking for more jets don't fret, I have a number of other aircraft featured in the full edition. The second song has also been made more 'age appropriate'. Thanks everyone <3 – AG

  4. Hey aviation just a quick question, What are you doing for your training at the moment are you in cadets? or with a flight club? Btw Awesome video man!

  5. Thanks for the all the love so far on the trailer! You are obviously all excited for the full edition to come out 🙂 A quick update on it's progress, so far approximately 5 minutes of footage has been compiled and a HUGE 17 MINUTES of backing music has been selected! Looking forward to reading more of your comments and can't wait for the new year to come in so I can release this video! – AG

  6. Is it just me or do i feel more motivated to becoming a fighter pilot after watching this? And good luck to all people taking their pilot course and wannabe pilots 🙂 Cheers

  7. This looks pretty good but here are some small suggestions: you seem very concentrated on the A-10 warhawg and the f-18..I really hope to see some of the newest planes like the f-22 and the f-35 maybe even concentrate a bit more on the f-35 because it IS A GREAT AIRCRAFT and people are bashing it calling it a lemon and over priced junk

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