There's A Truck In The Lake!: Fails of the Week (July 2017)

There's A Truck In The Lake!: Fails of the Week (July 2017)
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Friday’s are for fails! Fails of the Week is here to end the week with some funny kids, a truck in the lake and a cheerleading stunt to boot. Have a favorite? Leave us a comment below.


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Girl Hits Head Attempting Backflip in Pool
Man Sits and Breaks Chair
A Peacock Attacks his Reflection in the Mirror
Cheerleaders Can’t Catch Girl
Paraglider Loses Control and into Tree
Stolen Car into Tree
Kid Drops Drink
Fox Steals Flip Flop
Kid in Costume Tumbles Down Slide
Man Off ATV
Guys Climb Palm Trees and Into Water
Cyclist Off Table
Dirt Bike Stalls During Race
Guy on Waterskis Tries to Front Flip into Water
Guy Off Skateboard and Breaks Glass Door
Sports Car at a Race
Paddle Boarder into Water
Man Breaks Light with Pillow
Girl Hits Her Head on Chair
Tree Gets Boy Between the Legs
Woman Goes in Hole While Cutting Tree
Boy Attempts Flip on Velocity Stilts
Guy Hits Head on Concrete Attempting to Backflip
Guy After Flipping off Trampoline
Man Gets Hit by Golf Ball While Taking a Selfie
Dune Buggy Flips at the Top of Hill
Skaters Run Into Each Other
Guy Sinks in Chair and Spills Drink
Guy Flies Off Snowmobile
Guy Gets Buried Up to Neck Under Snowmobile
Ice Skater on Back
SUV Floats in the Lake
Partner Yoga Stunt Ends in Awkward
Sleepy Kid on Toy Lawnmower
Little Girls Through Plastic Storage Container
Guy Breaks Shovel in Two
Boy Tumbles Down Slide
Kid into Lake Trying to Cross on Branch
Firework Launch Backfires
Toddler Off Rope Swing
Snowboarder Faceplants on Backflip
ATV Rider Flips Over Handle Bars and Lands in Mud
Guy Breaks Chair
Man Hurts Nuts Attempting High Jump
Girl Slips While Training
Yogi Farts
Giant Firework Explosion in Front of Group of Friends
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  1. 0:40 I think that might be the nicer girl ever on the left. She got hit right in the face but showed more concern for her friend even though she looked like she was in pain.

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