Sea of Food at the Dead Sea

Sea of Food at the Dead Sea
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On Day 8 of our trip to Jordan, we drove from Wadi Rum to the Dead Sea. But in the morning before we left, we first had a camel ride in the desert. It was amazing to see Wadi Rum from the back of a camel, such a peaceful way to experience Wadi Rum. Once we reached the Dead Sea we enjoyed a couple of excellent Lebanese meals.

01:37 Camel Ride at Wadi Rum – Along with a truck safari, one of the best ways to see Wadi Rum is my taking a camel ride. Due to the rain, we couldn’t ride camels the day before, so we decided to ride today in the morning. Although it quite hurt my legs, it was well worth it, and a very fun way to see Wadi Rum. After having breakfast at the tented camp, and riding the camels, we jumped in the car and started driving towards the Dead Sea.

05:08 Mount Nebo – 1 JD ($1.41) – On the way to the Dead Sea, we stopped off at Mount Nebo, the place where God showed Moses the promised land with a view overlooking an expansive area of land, we could even see the Dead Sea. It was an amazing view.

05:59 Ocean Restaurant (Dead Sea) – As soon as we reached the Dead Sea, we were all very hungry, so we stopped at Ocean Restaurant, a Lebanese restaurant with a view of the sea. All of a sudden they started bringing masses of mezze to our table, until the point where there was literally not a single empty space on our table. There were so many different dips and appetizer dishes to choose from including cheese sticks, kibbeh, heart of palm salad, hummus, grape leaves, tabbouleh, and moutabel. There were so many different Lebanese mezze dishes that I forgot all about the Dead Sea! For our main dish at Ocean Restaurant we had a dish called sayadieh, which is a seafood platter including fish and biryani rice served with a tomato sauce. There was both fried and grilled fish, and what I really liked in the dish was that it was served with a deep fried onion, which tasted fantastic. For dessert, they brought out giant plates of fruit and a variety of different desserts including osmalieh and aish el saraya.

13:13 Crowne Plaza Jordan Dead Sea Resort – After our incredible late lunch, we drove to the Crown Plaza Resort, and checked in. We stayed just for one night.

14:07 Burj Al Hamam – Lebanese Restaurant at Crown Plaza Hotel – For dinner we ate at Burj Al Hamam, one of the most well known restaurant names in Lebanese food in Jordan. Again, we were served an impressive array of different mezze starter dishes, but they served us a few dishes that were different from what we had eaten for lunch including kibbeh nayyeh. I’ve always been a huge fan of different types of raw meat dishes, and kibbeh nayyeh is the Lebanese version of raw minced beef mixed with a variety of spices. It’s typically eaten with garlic sauce and olive oil to garnish, and scooped up with pieces of bread. It was amazing. For our main dish we had mixed grill, including kebabs, lamb pieces, and chicken, and then kebab khashkhash, kebabs in tomato sauce. Again, the food was excellent.

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  1. I live in Dubai and fortunately have tasted most of these dishes. I wish I hadn't seen this because now I'm drooling and craving kabab kashkash and grilled platter along with tabbouleh, fattoush, hummus, garlic and khubs. OK I gotta go eat this, bye!!!

  2. Could there be anything sweeter than a beautiful camel wow their gentleness…..Love just Love JORDAN so loved this amazing video…..merci buddy merci to the guides!! loved it all…..thanks so much to the chefs..
    ana maria

  3. How does Mark manage to swallow a whole mouthful of food without chewing ? I think his attempts to combine all ingredients of a dish together as a taste test is a good idea. It seems the secret of his food tasting videos is because he has camera-charisma. I wish his wife and son were included more often in his videos as they make a happy family. Good luck Mark in all your future eating adventures ! . I enjoy watching your videos very much.

  4. Mark, I love the way you describe the food and the Flavors… i am in love with all the cultural foods you try.. my favorites are the Mexican and the Chinese etc. Ive gone as far as to see the list of foods you have tried and have looked a few up.. Keep up the good work.. you are bringing the Cultures Home to those of us who cant travel.. I love it..

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