Beef recipes – Delicious Beef Liver Fry – Country Foods

Beef recipes - Delicious Beef Liver Fry - Country Foods
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Beef recipes – Delicious Beef Liver Fry – Country Foods


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  1. To all those who have a problem with eating beef…DONT FUCKING WATCH THEN.
    Contry foods continue what you are doing…dont let these cow worshipping idiots stop you

  2. fr ppl who r asking to stop uploading vedios on beef recipies ' who askd u to watch d vedio u kno it is titled as beef den y u wana watch it, der r beef lovers here we need to kno all these recepies, u ppl stop watching beef recipies don ask us to quit beef or ask d channel to stop uploading'

  3. why the hell…hindus got mad about beef…its just a animal like others if u had no problm with chicken then stay cool with beef..its tasty and yes..cow is never been ur god pls do read ur scriptures..

  4. They could have easily shown goat's/sheep's liver which is just similar but smaller in size and probably similar in taste too (I have not tasted, but I have collected opinions from other people). The only reason why they prefer beef over goat is because of the bulk-quantity which can serve several people! The taste must be absolutely same (but maybe bit more fat content) I don't have objection on these video-makers about eating beef, its their personal wish, and it won't affect their recognition among Hindus, but when doing a video and showing it to public, they could have simply used the alternate (goat/sheep). I think they can afford one goat/sheep for video-making purpose and could add a caption that same can be made using beef, so that world can continue believing that majority of India/Hindus don't consume beef! This way you are indirectly trying to hint everyone that you belong to lower-class community among Hindus! So its better if you keep certain things private!

  5. well some poeple are arguing that eating beef is a sin for hindus, no it is absolute rubbish, because hinduism is a vast religion and it has many traditions and beliefs for every specific region, one of my friend follow shakthism and she loves to eat beef.

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