Put It In Reverse! ?: Fails of the Week (July 2017)

Put It In Reverse! ?: Fails of the Week (July 2017)
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It’s Friday, which means we have a fresh batch of fails. Get the weekend started with some fails including a drag racing fail, wedding fails and Terry, poor Terry…. Put it in reverse! ?

Which is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!!

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Strong Winds Cause Trampoline to Fly https://goo.gl/DuYa3m
Bachelor Off Wakeboard https://goo.gl/JCB43y
Hang Glider Can’t Land https://goo.gl/Mjc5jG
Telephone Line Catches Tree on Fire https://goo.gl/Su5VXP
Dirt Bikers Run Into Each Other https://goo.gl/JTXgXM
Girl Accidentally Throws Beer Off Boat Then Faceplants https://goo.gl/g8LrUW
Woman Surprised by Bear in Garage https://goo.gl/YeQ84X
Boy Backflips onto Fence https://goo.gl/mE8S6e
Elk Chases Man on Golf Course https://goo.gl/KJ78U5
Elk Chases Man on Golf Course https://goo.gl/9Lyisi
Man Tries to Dive with Pool Float https://goo.gl/SkU5t3
Skier Attempts Jump Across Street https://goo.gl/RrbeZT
Snowboarders Go Into Each Other https://goo.gl/Rz5BpQ
Man and Woman Break Swing https://goo.gl/zTs4sy
Bride and Groom slip While Dancing https://goo.gl/NpbMwq
Grandpa Can’t Hit a Golf Ball https://goo.gl/szhzG7
Guy Tries to Grind on Bench
Kids Break Wooden Pole With Hammock https://goo.gl/5TTr1j
Pig Accidentally Tips Other Pig Over https://goo.gl/N6155P
Guy Off Hoverboard Next to Pool https://goo.gl/9Y7hS7
Snowboarder Wipes Out https://goo.gl/sw9fN6
Driver Gets in incident https://goo.gl/L5zsfH
Dog Groomed to Look Like a Zebra https://goo.gl/QTy9uB
Guy Tries to Dance on a Table at the Bar https://goo.gl/G958mS
Guy Tries to Dance on a Table at the Bar https://goo.gl/hxq83b
Guy in Wheelchair Fails to Back Away From Fireworks https://goo.gl/oYKd5v
Man Attempts Karate Kick https://goo.gl/2SPHgs
Girl Tries To Jump Over Street Barrier https://goo.gl/Fhyce8
Woman Trying to Get On Hammock https://goo.gl/uUUqms
Drag Race Begins in Collision https://goo.gl/UP62gc
Man and Woman Try to Get Bug Zapper to Work https://goo.gl/XrpEyM
Aerial Dancer Unravels https://goo.gl/AML7ha
Guy Gets Smacked in the Face with Homemade Weight https://goo.gl/i9kgXJ
Two Boys Faceplant trying to Backflip https://goo.gl/P9QHjj
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