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  1. The girl who got beat up her “sister” was not even tryana help her like if you would have did that comment or f you would have helped your sister.

  2. She got the worst friend ever l that big bitch bout 2 of them so JUMP HER ASS ! Poor girl her friend just quiet watching hope she ended that friendship after this

  3. She wasnt being jealous. The two skinny girls was being messy with the big girl phone. Knowing she didnt fuck with them. So, the big girl found out they was the ones repeatly calling her phone with the b.s so thats why the other skinny girl silent.

  4. Can somebody please find this FAT BITCH and let this hoe know I'm looking for her… 754-242-5027 tell that hoe to get at me… I HATE when a muthfucker bully someone

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