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About the Author: RSPCA South Australia


  1. CThis made me cry and I hope he person that trapped the dogs that they die how could some trap them and then just leave them

  2. Please there are videos on you tube that I think they are hurting animals and doing pretend rescues, broken birds wing/ a cat in the mud/ a cat glued to a plate,I don't know wat to Do. How to report them ! Every single comment is abusing them for abusing the animals, I think their overseas/ what can we do. Please help!!??
    They are called "RESCUE IN PUBLIC!" It has a black ribbon with a RIP on it as a portfolio picture. They subscribed to a couple other channels that I am suspicious of .. I live in sa so I at least know RSPCA sa is a real place , abd it is 330am so I don't really know wat else to do.. Please somebody anybody any animal advocates out there get back to me asap. If I need title of videos I'll look them up. But they look like their seriously setting up animals HURTING them for. Bloody you tube views! I just can't believe it. They only a couple months old their you tube site, something must be donE IMMEDIATELY!!!!

  3. They never pick up your call when you try to report anything and the website is the same it does not lead to a good phone number connection to get in contact with RSPCA it all seems very covered up like they don't actually want to speak to you

  4. RSPCA, thank you but you really need to step up your game and do more raids on a regular basis and work to shut them all down permanently!

  5. ALL puppy farms should be permanently shut down, made illegal. There are lots of animals in shelters and pounds, enough to give everyone who wants to love a dog have one. The scum who owned this hell hole should be locked in the same faeces ridden pen and left to rot! I will shut them in gladly!

  6. Oh my gosh that's just sad an horrible.Some humans are just cruel simply because they can be an they don't give a damn if anyone or anything is sufferring. If you know someone human or animal's is sufferring an you do nothing about it , your a heartless worthless being an if you cause other's to suffer karmas coming for you. An you deserve what you get..

  7. Thank-You ALL for rescue!!!!! 9 yrs. is All, why not ever being able to own a DOG!  Or any pet is better! Abuse and NEGLECT should never be tolerated at ALL, ever PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. The words puppy farms/mills should disgust everyone as do the words child molester and rapists. Execute the guilty ! To many evil people exist.

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