Animal rescue – orphaned baby koala bear – BBC wildlife

Animal rescue - orphaned baby koala bear - BBC wildlife
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Natalie Cassidy meets a cute baby koala as she meets Australian animals.
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  1. Well, yeah, they are marsupials, but it's just what people call them since they somewhat resemble little bears. It's just like how we say "killer whale" when killer whales are actually a type of dolphin.

  2. She fucking sounds like she's a desensitized human being that's just learnt how to have feelings for things. Almost as though automatically assuming viewers watching the documentary are the same as her and that caring for things in nature is odd and not a natural thing for humans to do. What a moronic fuck.

  3. My. That was a little bit like releasing a fish back to water. Except, well, Fish less often swim off directly upwards. I'd be worried if they did.

  4. this is my future right there.
    rescuing animals is what ive always wanted to do. you guys are incredible, keep it up.

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