RARE Noodles of Saigon, Vietnam! All the Best Hidden Noodles You've Never Seen!

RARE Noodles of Saigon, Vietnam! All the Best Hidden Noodles You've Never Seen!
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Food 1: Snakehead fish noodles
Location: Bún Cá Lóc Phan Lê
Address: 159 Cao Thắng St., Ward 11, Dist.10
Operation hours: 07AM – 10PM
Price: 35.000VND

Food 2: Fishsauce noodles
Location: Bún mắm 444
Address: 375 Lê Quang Định St., Bình Thạnh District
Operation hours: 08AM – 07PM
Price: 60.000VND/normal bowl, 70.000VND/special bowl
Food 3: “Stirred” noodles
Location: Bún Quậy Sài Gòn
Address: 220/162A Lê Văn Sỹ St., Ward 14, District 3.
Operation hours: 11AM – 02PM, 04PM – 09PM
Price: 50.000VND

Food 4: Spicy clam noodles
Location: Mì hến Dì Lan
Address: 2/4 Ngô Văn Sở St., Ward 13, District 4
Operation hours: 07AM – 07PM
Price range: 20.000VND – 32.000VND

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I’m a huge fan of trying different, interesting and strange foods in each country. My show is from a Western point of view, but more importantly MY point of view, but is not meant to offend any person or culture.


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  1. I enjoy watching some of your videos. It has been over 5 years since I made my last trip to visit Vietnam. I miss food on the streets. Thank you for these videos!

  2. It's so strange to see the different prices between the luxurious restaurant and small street store which is higher in price than the first one. Eating under sun with dust and people back and forth and no car parking but vendors blown price up. This is my standpoint from living in Ho Chi Minh city and be confused of what I eat. HCM city has various of kind of foods otherwise the original taste and hygiene is one of the basic things you can't find well there. ?

  3. Sonny, you need to try "Banh da cua" from Haiphong, both dry and soup version. It's another type of noodle that has the red color, super goood, Also, if you have time, swing by Halong, heaps of delicious stuff to offer (Bun hai san, Banh cuon cha muc) Interesting that you haven't done one about it yet. I'm dying to see it man :(((

  4. Just started binge watching and so far this is my favorite noodle episode! I was born in Vietnamese but haven’t been back in over 40 years. Been thinking about going back but you now have made it my mission to go this year. I can’t wait!!! Thank you ?? ❤️?.

  5. One of the best noodles in Vietnam is @ this message place. Her nick name is Noodle. Best bowl of noodle in town, wonderful soup -!: super tender meats with outstanding service skills. She also specializes in “snake heads” cooking too wink wink.

  6. My favorite food. I love it. I want come back Vietnam to eat bún cá lóc. But I didn't see you try cao lầu in hội an yet. And mì gà tiếng quý in quảng nam province. Try it when you can.

  7. Food #3: stirred noodles. The lady there says she made you a dish of her salad and you liked it even more than the soup. And she said that you really wanted to find out where the origins of the soup came from.

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