DOCS: Frozen | Animal Cops Houston

DOCS: Frozen | Animal Cops Houston
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Investigators for the Houston SPCA get more than they bargained for when they are called in to assist police at a commercial dog breeding facility in Coryell County. There are more than two hundred Rottweilers on the premises including dozens of newborn puppies. What should be a routine seizure becomes a nightmare when a freak ice storm hits Texas and temperatures plummet to below freezing. As the Investigators attempt to round up the dogs the vets battle to keep the newborns alive. Inside the owners’ home ammonia levels are so high that the local fire department has deemed the property unsafe to enter and the team has to don respirators and protective clothing to rescue more dogs trapped inside. Once the dogs are on safely on the vehicles the team faces an even more dangerous challenge. At the rear of the property are two mountain lions and two Bengal tigers.


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  1. They don't put a cone on the big cat after castration? I know that sounds silly but won't he lick his wounds raw?
    Bless everyone who made this giant rescue possible. They are heroes

  2. Makes me so sad! I have a Rottweiler and they are such sweet dogs! She recently had puppies and I’m so scared that they won’t go to good homes. I don’t think I would be able to be a dog breeder. There are just so many people out there who treat there dogs terribly and hoard them the way the people in this video do.

  3. Lol, that mountain lion does the slow blink just like my cats! Just a big friendly kitty. There's a good chance someone could have actually went in the cage and petted it without being mauled.

  4. it’s so horrible that people put such beautiful and amazing animals into situations like this. the people treating the animals are so caring and deserve so much good karma for staying up to treat these animals.

  5. I have been watching animal cops houston for a while and I seen a lot of neglected horses dogs chickens pigs reptiles but not in my entire life will I see anymore these people think they are helping I think not they are just hurting the animals they have I mean why have animals when your not going to take care of them like they should be taken care of.thats makes me so mad I am an animal person and seeing this is terrible and I feel like throwing up.

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